Tea Party Crowd Cheers Credit Downgrade

At a Tea Party Express lawn concert, the credit downgrade was announced and the concert-goers cheered the news.

Yes, she said "objectivizing." And, yes, if there's another recession the people cheering will be just as screwed as the rest of us. "YEAAAHHH!"

The self-defeating cheers aside, it's always hilarious to me that these rallies are nothing more than lazy picnics with "protesters" lounging in lawn chairs.

  • trgahan

    Pure and simple…theses people are the enemy. Osama Bin Laden’s stated goal was to destroy the US ecomoy. I didn’t know Al Queda would just recurit a bunch of senior citizens and feed them a bunch a crap about deficits to do it. Its “James Bond” level super villiany.

  • D_C_Wilson

    Did someone say, “Free lawn chairs!”?

  • dildenusa

    These people feel no shame. This is nothing but sociopathic behavior and these people wallow in it. It’s a morass and a swamp. They have no clue that dry land is just around the corner (left, not right).

  • laddieluv

    I’ve run out of “hate filled” adjectives.

    These knuckle dragging, uninformed (FuxNooze anyone?) troglodytes have deep sixed our 401Ks, including mine. For starters.

    As a retired teacher (with limited funds), I detest ’em with a white hot passion of a thousand suns. And then some.

    Repercussions will be felt for generations.

    As Wyatt Earp (Kevin Costner) said after Doc Holliday (Dennis Quaid) asked him what he wanted to do re: the death of his brother, Morgan: “Kill ’em all!”

    I don’t give a “chit.” I’m feelin’ it.

    Brain bleach.

    • “Repercussions will be felt for generations. ”

      Yes. And I, too, detest them with a white hot passion.

    • Zen Diesel

      You have added two cool words to my vocab, FuxNooze and troglodytes…..perfect analogy of the idiots “who severely lack critical thinking skills” who get their news from Murdoch’s Monkey Mill.

  • Zen Diesel

    The TeaHobbits are Herp Derp and living in an alternate universe

  • holyreality

    Teabaggers objectivize themselves by cheering about their grand job of screwing us all.

    These geezers want less spending, well cut their Medicare, and SS bennies. Let the freemarket come save them by relabeling catfood into some patriotic canned meat product so they do not starve.

    • incredulous72

      “These geezers want less spending, well cut their Medicare, and SS bennies.”

      I think this is an excellent idea.

      If you are a self-described “Tea Party” member, then you have decided that you want your medicare and social security gutted. But only tea party members should have their benefits cut, no one else.

      Let’s see how long they remain teabaggers after that.

  • jcajca

    That’s a good one…I’m almost 60, and these people embarass me!!

  • red_pills

    Let them register as Tea Party constituents, and then selectively cut their entitlements. Why not test their convictions?

  • They so dupid!

  • Their stupidity knows NO bounds. None. whatsoever.

  • VicksieDo

    They don’t even know what they’re cheering about. “Objectivizing us” ROFL

  • Miranda

    My goodness…looking at that crowd..what was the average age of attendees? 115? Did some nursing home just take the residents out for a day trip and this is where they stopped the bus? I doubt many of them even heard what was being said.