Tea Bagger Blog Fail of the Day

If you recall, wingnuts were mailing tea bags to various public officials, but, ironically enough, post-9/11 security measures were preventing the tea bags from getting to their intended recipients. So now there's an effort to send photos of tea bags instead.

A far-right blog called "ActaNonVerba: Action, Not Words!" goes one step further, advising readers to send tea bag labels as well as photos. But notice the "here" link in the screen cap below.


The "here" link points to a Google image search for "tea bag." Here's the image results page the tea-bagger is linking. First page, first image results:


Yep. That'd be a photograph of a dog tea-bagging a cat on a park bench. Now, I assume the tea-bagger doesn't want us to send the dog-on-cat tea bag photo to our elected officials. I assume.