Teabaggers Threaten GOP Senator For Being Open to a SCOTUS Hearing

Senator Jerry Moran (R-KS) wouldn't necessarily vote to confirm Supreme Court nominee Merrick Garland but he is open to holding a hearing on Garland's nomination.

Because he's open to simply holding a goddamn hearing, a local chapter of the Tea Party is threatening Senator Moran.

In addition to preparing a TV and digital ad campaign against the GOP senator, the local Teabaggers are also threatening to primary him.

"Grassroots activists in Kansas and across the country are furious that Senator Jerry Moran has decided to join President Obama in denying them a voice in the next Supreme Court Justice with their votes in November," Tea Party Patriots Citizen Fund Chairman Jenny Beth Martin said in a statement Friday, blasting Garland as a "liberal who will become the fifth vote on the Supreme Court to take away our Second Amendment right to bear arms and side with big government agencies like the EPA and IRS over the American people." [...]

"It's this kind of outrageous behavior that leads Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund activists and supporters to think seriously about encouraging Dr. Milton Wolf to run against Sen. Moran in the August GOP primary," she said, referring to the Republican candidate who lost to Sen. Pat Roberts (R-Kan.) in 2014.

Not that it needs to be said, but Senator Moran isn't denying anyone a voice by being open to holding a hearing on Garland's nomination.

With opposition like this, it's more clear than ever that Democrats need to retake the Senate if they want to confirm a Supreme Court justice because electing another Democrat to the White House won't be enough.

Opponents say Americans should be given a chance to weigh-in in November, but I don't believe they will actually concede defeat even if Hillary Clinton crushes Donald Trump. I expect their campaign of obstruction will carry over into the next administration.

  • Hemidemisemiquaver

    concede defeat

    Of course not. In fact, a number of arguments will be advanced “proving” that Americans actually want the Republican agenda to be followed. For example, if you look at all the counties in the U.S., about 80% “voted” for McCain, thus “proving” that voters wanted him rather than Obama (therefore, Obama had no mandate to govern). Of course, the response that ‘land does not vote, people do’ was waved away as irrelevant.

  • muselet

    These are the people who carry around copies of the Constitution and wave them at anyone who disagrees with them, yes? Perhaps they could point to the part of the Constitution that describes the position of Supreme Court Justice as an elective office, because my copies don’t contain that section.

    If anything, the obstruction after November will be worse than it is now.


    • Jesus Zamora

      Obstruction is all the Republicans have left. They’re going to obstruct for the rest of the generation, completely ignorant of the fact that their demographic is the one dying off most in this country. The Republicans likely won’t even exist 40 years from now, when whites are expected to no longer be a super-majority. At this rate, I imagine the few reasonable Republicans left are praying for the party to blow up, if only so they can build something new from the ashes that can survive the changing of our demographics.

  • ninjaf

    Someone needs to stand up to these groups and break their stranglehold. If the RNC had any brains, they would do it out of self preservation. But, alas…

    • ProudLiberalAlways

      If the RNC had any brains, they would have broken the stranglehold the religious right (extremists) have on them YEARS ago—– Ya know, Barry Goldwater knew. He talked about this right after (?) the big election loss—-or right before he retired—–he said the rethugs will rue the day they began following the orders of the RR—and he was right. It would be nice if they could go back to 1980 and end this crap before it began.

  • Victor the Crab

    And these cloth hanging dingleberries wonder why the monster that is Donald Drumph was created.