Team Romney: God Intended for Richard Mourdock to Repeal Obamacare

During a debate appearance last night, Tea Party Senate Candidate Richard Mourdock (R-IN) said that pregnancy that resulted from rape was something that "God intended."

(Reuters) - Richard Mourdock, the Republican candidate for the Senate in Indiana, said on Wednesday he stood by controversial comments he made during a debate in which he said that pregnancy resulting from rape can be "something that God intended to happen."

Mourdock said he "spoke from the heart" during the debate and that his comments had been "twisted" by people. He apologized, however, for any misinterpretation of his statement.

Mourdock is sorry you chose to be offended.

This isn't the first completely asinine thing Richard Mourdock has said, but it is the most egregious. Nevertheless, the Romney campaign has so far declined to pull this ad in support of Mourdock.

This Fall, I'm supporting Richard Mourdock for Senate. As State Treasurer, Richard worked with Governor Daniels to balance the budget and make government more accountable.

As Senator, Richard will be the 51st vote to repeal and replace government-run healthcare. Richard will help stop the liberal Reid-Pelosi agenda. With so much at stake, I hope you'll join me in supporter Richard Mourdock for U.S. Senate.

The Romney campaign says that Mitt does not agree with Mourdock's statements, but that they have not asked the Mourdock campaign to retract the ad from the airwaves. Because being the 51st vote to repeal Obamacare is more important than being a scumbag.

Richard Mourdock is the only Senate candidate Romney has cut an ad for.

Earlier this year Mourdock compared our tax code to slavery while complaining about the "47 percent" who pay no taxes, and described bipartisanship as "Democrats coming to the Republican point of view."