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Ted Cruz Started Selling Out Months Ago

JM Ashby
Written by JM Ashby

Senator Ted Cruz shocked his loyal supporters and former staffers by endorsing Donald Trump, a man who called his wife ugly and accused his father of killing JFK, but Cruz literally started selling out months ago.

Trump began paying Cruz for access to his supporters back in June.

Trump began paying to solicit some of Cruz’s supporters for campaign cash as early as June 17. “We need you to stand with Mr. Trump before it is too late,” read the initial Trump campaign missive. A second solicitation came the next day. Another came the day after that. All told, in the last three months Trump has emailed at least some segments of Cruz’s donor list more than 30 times.

These solicitations began a long time before Cruz attended the Republican convention and told the audience to "vote your conscience." At that point he was already helping Trump behind the scenes.

It was reported at the time that Trump invited Cruz to speak at the convention knowing full well that Cruz may not endorse him.

Now it all makes sense. Trump already had what he really wanted, which was access to money. Cruz endorsed Trump on Friday because his convention stunt did not play as well with his constituents in Texas as he had hoped.

  • muselet

    Ted Cruz and Donald Trump got what they both wanted from this episode.

    Trump got access to Cruz’s sucker list and a reluctant-sounding endorsement.

    Cruz got to pretend to have principles and has a tidy cash flow (for his inevitable next run for President) until late next month.

    This was nothing but a business transaction between two grifters, from start to finish.


    • Toolymegapoopoo

      The thing I find odd is that there is no fucking way someone who supported Cruz would ever vote for Clinton. So why pay him for the supporter list? Every single Cruz supporter will be happily voting for Trump in November regardless of who Cruz endorses. They are indistinguishable from Trump supporters. They are old white men.

      • muselet

        Ted Cruz sold access to his donor list because he could make some easy cash. Donald Trump bought access to Cruz’s donor list because the people on that list are soft touches: all he has to do is ask and they’ll empty their wallets.

        It’s all about the Benjamins, as Puff Daddy said years ago.


  • Aynwrong

    The one thing Cruz never counted on was another con artist beating him at his own game so spectacularly. Given that either of these men can only function politically within the alternate universe known as Conservatism because that’s where the rubes live, Cruz really should have seen this coming and preemptively out bigoted Trump. I’m thinking a pointy white hood would have been in order.

    The truly hilarious (and frightening) part is that I doubt Ted Cruz’s followers will in any way be phased by this. Assuming anyone ever tells them.

  • KABoink_after_wingnut_hacker

    Calgary Cruz was elected in a fluke election under extremely unusual circumstances.
    His extraordinarily election as an unknown during unprecedented low voter turnout in Texas forces him to do crap like this to stay in the press.
    He’s also motivated to suddenly act as a team player because he’s hated by most republicans as well as anyone with a functioning brain.

  • Georgie

    Oh Cruz, you stupid ass.