Far-right Intellectual Violence

Teleprompter vs. No Teleprompter

Letterman last night:

This attack began with Michelle Malkin who, ironically enough, supported both President Peeance-Freeance and Sarah Palin. Sarah Palin! A candidate whose only public speaking success was due in large part to a teleprompter. Elsewhere, she bombed horribly.

But again, this attack from Malkin and the others, this is speaking in tongues. It's loud noises. It doesn't make any intellectual sense whatsoever. Here we have arguably the best public speaker in our lifetime -- a president who authored or co-authored many of his most memorable speeches. A president who can speak extemporaneously about any number of subjects in a thoughtful and informed way. A president who is a constitutional scholar and one of the top three most intelligent presidents in modern history.

I mean, even if we weren't just recently finished with the George W. Peeance-Freeance presidency, the argument would still be absurd.

Adding... Congratulations to Dave and Mrs. Letterman!