Tennessee’s Transphobic Bathroom Bill Dies

JM Ashby
Written by JM Ashby

Good news -- the Tennessee bill that would have gone further than any other state to place restrictions on transgender students has died in committee.

From the Associated Press:

The bill died in a House committee meeting packed with transgender youth who opposed the measure, some of whom testified before the committee.

"It feels great to know that my voice is counting," Henry Seaton, an 18-year-old student who attends Beech High School in Hendersonville, said after the vote. Seaton, who was born female but identifies as male, testified last week in a subcommittee and then spoke to committee chairman Mark White, R-Memphis, before Tuesday's meeting.

Tennessee's bill would have been the most restrictive in the nation as it would not only prohibit transgender students from using a bathroom that corresponds with the gender they identify as. The bill also would have prohibited schools from making any accommodation for transgender students.

Even if the bill had passed through the legislature, Governor Bill Haslam would have vetoed it. Signing the bill would have opened the state up to federal litigation and cost state up to $1 billion in federal funding by violating Title IX.

Unfortunately, the GOP's crusade against transgender people is far from over, The transgender students who flooded the Tennessee House deserve a great deal of praise for their courage to step out and be seen and heard.

  • muselet

    I’m pleasantly surprised.

    I doubt this state of affairs will last—Rs won’t give up their latest Other after only one go—but for the moment, bravo to that Tennessee House committee.