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Texas Health Officials Are Some Twisted Fucks

JM Ashby
Written by JM Ashby

Conservative lawmakers and pundits have said many sick things about abortion, but how many pro-choice activists have called for burying fetuses in mass graves?

Texas health officials testifying in court to support a new regulation that requires burial or cremation of fetal remains laid out their vision for how healthcare providers would comply with the law and, to say the least, their vision is fucking sick.

State health officials envisioned Texas' abortion providers pooling their resources and burying the remains in a single, mass grave, according to Jennifer Sims, deputy commissioner of the Texas Department of State Health Services.

Bulk burial would reduce the cost to less than $2 per abortion they said.


Personally, I'd say any sentiment you might have expressed about respect or dignity for the unborn goes right out the window when you start calculating the cost-savings potential of mass burial.

The idea that it would reduce the cost to such a degree is dubious at best, by the way, because healthcare providers would be required to store fetuses and fetal tissue for months before burying a large batch in a single grave.

Texas lawmakers did not include mechanisms for paying for the burial or cremation of fetal remains in their bill, leaving state officials to their own devices.

The state's case isn't looking for good right now. Federal Judge Sam Sparks said the regulation appears to be "political" because, well, it is.

  • muselet

    The Texas officials who testified clearly weren’t expecting skeptical questioning, because their answers were unconvincing at best.

    My five bucks says no matter how District Judge Sam Sparks rules, the state of Texas will find some other way to pander to the fetus fetishists at the expense of women and doctors.


  • Dread_Pirate_Mathius

    Pre-abortion: “Fetal cells are human beings with all attendant rights”

    Post-abortion: “Eh, screw ’em. Throw it in a ditch.”

    • Christopher Foxx

      And, of course, their vile pre-/post- views are exactly the same whether the fetus is aborted or born.

      Pre-birth: “Fetal cells are human beings with all attendant rights. We have to look out for them!

      Post-birth: “Provide day care and support for single mothers? Fuck off. The little fuckers are on their own!

  • Username1016

    Christ, just mail the remains to your legislator. Postage due, if possible.