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Texas Lt. Governor Scolds School Chief for Not Discriminating Against Children

JM Ashby
Written by JM Ashby

Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick (R) is not pleased with the superintendent of the Fort Worth public school system because he has decided to adopt policy supported by the U.S. Department of Justice and Department of Education.

Transgender children attending Fort Worth public schools can use bathrooms that correspond with the gender they identify as and even participate in the appropriate sports programs.

For these reasons, Patrick has called for the head of superintendent Kent Scribner.

“Without any discussion with parents, board members, principals, and other community leaders, Dr. Scribner’s unilateral action underscores this lack of fitness to hold his position as superintendent,” Patrick said in a prepared statement. “I call upon the parents within the Fort Worth ISD to take immediate steps to repeal this stealthy scheme and remove Dr. Scribner from his post.”

If desegregation had been left up to "parents, board members, principals, and other community leaders" there's a good chance schools in Texas and many other states would still be strictly segregated.

As Attorney General Loretta Lynch so deftly pointed out yesterday, telling transgender men and women that they cannot use a bathroom is comparable to placing a sign above a water fountain that reads 'whites only.'

Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick is not merely scolding the school superintendent for choosing not to discriminate against children -- which is really quite something when you put it that way -- he's also angry because the superintendent has chosen not to invite litigation that the school system would lose. Expensive litigation.

Conservatives would rather waste money on a losing court battle than actually put that money into education.

  • mnpollio

    “Conservatives would rather waste money on a losing court battle than actually put that money into education.”

    This is hardly a surprise to anyone who has been paying attention. Conservatives have been gutting public education and dumbing down the curriculum for years. For all of their blather over it being compromised for minorities, there is literally no demographic who have damaged education quite like conservatives, with their chronic attempts to rewrite history, erase anything that does not reflect well on them, insert Jesus into every other paragraph, and marginalize science and critical thinking. And more often than not, the battle ground usually starts in Texas. I have an idea. If the unthinkable happens and we do get stuck with a President Trump (hold on, I just threw up a little bit), perhaps he can get Mexico to build that sacred wall by offering them Texas back – hell, let’s be generous! We’ll throw in Inhofe’s Oklahoma and Brownback’s Kansas as well – and they can just build the wall around those three states. Conservatives can then be “safe” from the purported illegal immigrant horde coming for them and everyone else would have three less states who keep electing some of the most destructive reps imaginable out of everyone’s hair.

    • Toolymegapoopoo

      You can’t really blame them. The less you know the more conservative you are. They are just trying to protect the future of their species.

  • Nefercat

    For god’s sake, thanks to the Supreme Court, we got these loons the hell out of the marital bedroom, only now they’re infesting the nation’s restrooms.

    If I ever decide to be an angry, obsessed nutball about other people, I hope it is over something with some dignity and not over what the person in the next stall might look like without their underoos.