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Texas Will Stupidly Cede More Power to the Federal Government

JM Ashby
Written by JM Ashby

Texas Governor Greg Abbot announced this morning that his administration will not cooperate with the federal government's refugee resettlement program.

There's a couple reasons why this means precisely dick.

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott said Wednesday the state will withdrawal from the federally funded refugee resettlement program unless demands for refugee screening are "unconditionally" met by Sept. 30. [...]

A state health spokeswoman says Texas now intends to stop facilitating refugee services and benefits that are covered by federal dollars.

States are not required to cooperate with the federal government, but they cannot stop the federal government. The federal government can resettle refugees in the state of Texas regardless of what Governor Abbott says, meaning all he has done is cede more power and control to the big scary government.

Moreover, the Obama administration has already reached its goal of resettling 10,000 Syrian refugees in the United States. They're already here and most of them have been here for a while.

Governor Abbott says the state will no longer cooperate because of security concerns, but it's not clear how the state relinquishing its own role and responsibility will ensure greater security. If the state wanted to apply any of its own vetting, they're giving up the option to do so.

Syrian refugees have not committed any violent crimes here in the United States.

Texas is governed by morons.

  • Draxiar

    Y’know, it’s a whole lot easier to change hearts and minds with kindness than it is with a fist. If by accepting refugees into America you can show those you presume to automatically be terrorists that at heart you’re kind and accepting you may actually be preventing terrorism from happening.

  • muselet

    Greg Abbott continues to pretend he’s in a dick-swinging contest with the federal government over refugees.

    Greg Abbott is a ninny.


  • Aynwrong

    The central tenet of modern day Conservatism seems to be a relentless search for solutions to problems that don’t exist.