Thanks For That, Ben Carson

JM Ashby
Written by JM Ashby

I just don't know about Ben Carson.

The esteemed doctor appeared on the Family Research Council’s Washington Watch radio show where he said Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump is trying to turn things around by thinking about other people for a change.

Donald Trump is actually making some sincere effort now to strengthen his spiritual life, and I know that for a fact,” Carson said. “He’s starting to pray and talk about things that he never would have been dealing with previously. I think it’s having an impact. I think you’re gonna see somebody who is a little less self-centered and starting to think about others and the tremendous responsibility that comes with the position that he’s seeking.”

Starting to think about others?

For the record -- if I ever require brain surgery, please don't let Ben Carson operate on me.

  • Badgerite

    Well, he could start by giving those people he bilked out of their life saving by pressuring them to invest in the Hot Air Balloon of Trump ‘university’ their money back. He could also go to all those investors in Trump Hotel and Casinos which went down in flames after going public and which he used as his personal piggy bank their lost investments back. I’m not holding my breath. Cheeto Jesus will never put anyone first but himself. I’m guessing he actually thinks Jesus of Nazareth was a “loser”. I can just hear it. “I don’t like saviors who get crucified. Listen. I like saviors who conquer. If Christ had had a gun he could have shot those Romans right between the eyes. It would have been beautiful, Okay.”

  • Aynwrong

    Ben Carson is either the most gullible sucker in American politics today or his professed Christianity means absolutely nothing to him and he’s just using it in a con job of his own.

    • Yeah, these evangelicals who are somehow impressed by Trump’s recent embrace of Christianity are either (1) huge liars, or (2) incredibly gullible. Its’ so obvious that Trump is pandering.

  • Nefercat

    Starting to think about others? Well now, that’s real nice of Trump. Maybe he should practice on friends and family for a few years rather than 320,000,000 people right off the bat.

  • muselet

    The funny thing is, Ben Carson thinks he’s helping.