Republican Party

“That’s somebody else’s problem”

JM Ashby
Written by JM Ashby

Is Trump a threat to Democracy? Will he start another war?

Senator Bob Corker and Jeff Flake have made that case, but other senators have their own priorities that don't include saving the country.

The Huffington Post spoke to several Republican senators about their colleagues' recent comments and Senator Ron Johnson's response was to categorically deny that the threat of Trump is his responsibility.

Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wis.) said he is focused on tax reform, health care and reducing the debt. If Trump happens to make dangerous or false statements in the meantime, he said he doesn’t feel responsible for calling him out.

“That’s his problem. That’s somebody else’s problem. That’s not my problem,” said Johnson. “I’ve got my own things I’m trying to concentrate on, OK?

If Johnson truly believes the future of Western Democracy is "somebody else's problem," I don't know why he's a senator.

It's not as if Johnson is doing his part to save the country in his own way. He says he focused on taxes, health care, and debt, but his priority is to cut taxes for the rich, reduce access to health care, and explode the debt.

The Republican party is a slow-motion suicide cult.

  • muselet

    The whole “GOP vs. Trump” thing is ridiculous. They all want to take money from the not-rich and give it to the rich, take access to healthcare away from the not-rich so the rich don’t have to suffer the horror of having to wait to see a doctor about a hangnail, and care not a whit about the debt. Where they differ is the amount of dickishness they find acceptable in a president.

    Bob Corker and Jeff Flake think Donald Trump is too obviously dickish for their refined tastes, while Ron Johnson thinks Trump is just dickish enough.

    If there were any substantive difference among the Rs on matters of policy, that would be important. However, this intra-party squabble is purely over style, not substance.


    • 1933john

      It’s all about BUCK$

    • EXACTLY! And it is why his most vocal critics in the GOP continue to vote almost lockstep with his agenda. I have yet to see anyone challenge these guys on their voting pattern and I’m not hearing too many on our side (nationally known journalists) talking about it either. Watching the MSM miss such obvious tells is really fricking annoying.

  • Badgerite

    Un frickin believable. But not really surprising. This is kind of the norm from Ron Johnson. His agenda is dictated elsewhere and he follows the script to a tea. He is part of the invertebrate caucus of the GOP.

  • Georgie

    So basically these so called Senators do not care about the people who put them in office, nice.

  • Username1016

    It’s fascinating, in a horrible sort of way. Tons of conflicting opinion columns today — is the GOP fracturing, is the GOP siding with Trump against their few principled members, are the white nationalists taking over the GOP, will Bannon win, will the establishment win, is a center-right third party starting to form, and what does it all mean for the Democrats? I can’t begin to guess. We certainly live in “interesting times” (and I totally see why that’s a curse).