After Party

The After Party 3/18/16

Bob and Chez
Written by Bob and Chez

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This week: Ouroboros of Shit: Dan Bidondi’s Bionic Italian Gynecologist; Possible Hillary Running-mates; The Conventions are Happening Early This Year; Reunification of the Democrats; The Trump Mayhem; Dennis Miller Excuses Trump Violence by Deflecting to the Knockout Game; Hannity Threatens to Walk Off His Show; The Conservative Entertainment Complex; Jared Fogle Pummeled in Jail; Jail is Worse Than Death; and much more.

  • Aynwrong

    I used to worship Dennis Miller. What he turned into during the Bush Administration and remains is just a genuine shame. With his wit and delivery and given that his comedy so heavily revolves around politics he easily could have ended up in the same league as Jon Stewart. And yes, that would have meant him needing to be more on the left. But not because only liberals can be funny or deserve to be respected but because that’s where the right is. In order to acknowledge reality you have to be what conservatives now perceive as liberal. Even if you yourself are not.

    You end up being liberal by default.

    Even if Miller does “know” Chez, Miller strikes me as the type who would say something like “It may be lonely at the top but the view is sure better.”

    I doubt he cares.

  • Draxiar

    I didn’t realize how much I miss the Bionic Dan commercials…