After Party

The After Party 5/13/16

Naked volunteers pose for U.S. artist Spencer Tunick in front of the Sydney Opera House March 1, 2010. Organisers estimate 5,200 people posed for the early morning nude photo installation titled "Mardi Gras: The Base".      REUTERS/Tim Wimborne  (AUSTRALIA - Tags: SOCIETY)                 TEMPLATE OUT
Bob and Chez
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This week: John Miller: Trump Poses as His Own PR Flack; Trump is Sol Rosenberg; John Boehner Lines Up to Kiss Trump’s Orange Ass; Paul Ryan’s Crazy Primary Challenger; The Naked Protest at the RNC; The Left Needs to Use More Humor to Attack the Right; Leaving America; Disgusting New Anti-Michelle-Obama Cartoon; We Get Serious About Our Personal Futures and Our Legacies to Our Children; and much more.

  • GrafZeppelin127

    Spencer Tunick and Donald Trump went to the same high school (albeit 21 years apart). Go figure.