After Party

The After Party 8/12/16

Bob and Chez
Written by Bob and Chez

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This week: Bobby McChesthair: Chez is Off Today, So Bob Flies Solo; The Chezbot 2000 Joins Us Again; Trump and Ride of the Valkyries; Bob’s Fight with ‘The Chicks on the Right’; Trump’s ‘Come To Jesus’ Moment; Trump Doesn’t Think He Needs to Get Out The Vote; Crazy Old Man Shouts at Reporters During Trump Rally; The Psychosis Behind Trump’s Base; Betsy McCaughey Joins the Trump Team; Trump Supporters Worried that ACORN Will Rig the Election; and much more.

  • Draxiar

    I think you did just fine talking by yourself! In a strange way it’s like one of those audiobooks for your articles.

    I remember waaaay back when Elvis quit the show unexpectedly and you did the hour show by your onesies. I thought that if I had to do that (me here with no media experience in any way) I’d collapse under my own words. Bravo sir!