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The After Party (Free Preview) 5/10/19

Bob Cesca
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This week: Banana -- It's a FREE PREVIEW edition of the After Party; If you like what you hear, please consider subscribing to the "After Party" tier on our Patreon page; Kimberley Johnson is here; Our gas leak scare; The E! True Hollywood Story: Three's Company; Kimberley on Alyssa Milano's podcast; Ben Shapiro is an idiot; Trump wants to legalize female genital mutilation; Alabama wants to criminalize abortions; The Georgia law; Trump and the stock market; The latest with Biden, Giuliani and Ukraine; Did the Avengers movie fat-shame Thor?; Pump Up The Volume; The health benefits of staring at boobs; with music by Bob Bradshaw; and much more!

Bob Bradshaw - "The Assumptions We Make" from American Echoes

  • Wookie Monster

    Shapiro was playing by the Fox/Breitbart rules: Don’t answer challenging questions, just attack the questioner and act insulted that the question was even. And of course, he doesn’t care that the host is the British equivalent of Bill O’Reilly. He’s not playing for the British audience. He’s playing for the mouth-breathers at home who know nothing about the host and will just applaud him for “owning the liberal media.” Besides, as far as they’re concerned, European = socialist, so they wouldn’t believe anyone who told them he’s a conservative.