• Zen Diesel

    Everytime the Professor in Chief speaks it makes the Crazy Town Republicans look incredibly childish, stupid and ignorant. The President is on the right side of this issue, and if he is forced to use the 14th amendment, the Republican party will ultimately implode.

  • carolcoronis

    It all comes down to conscious awareness and choice. We have a President who is operating from a higher level ~ he is transparent, consistent, and has the American people in mind. He’s willing to listen, to consider, and compromise when it make sense. This is a model we should all aspire to in our personal relationships, and one we should be able to see in our elected officials. It is a response ability.
    As citizens we need to be more discerning when we vote. When questions are asked of those running for office are they able to answer without sound bites and diverting issues. That should be a clue folks!

  • I Can’t believe (I can but still I can’t believe it) the Republicans are willingly to tank not only our economy but the global economy because they A. They can’t control the loons they helped get elected and B. They want an crappy economy so they can beat President Obama over the head with next year. It’s going to be very interesting to see how tea party people who depend on their social security checks to get by will react knowing that the tea party Republican they help get elected are holding up their checks just to make sure they can protect Paris Hilton’s tax cut.

    • Easy-peasy: The true TPers will blame it all on Obama. As usual.

      But some of the sheep will look up from where they no longer safely graze, and begin to see the wolf under the sheepskin.

  • drsquid

    Someone remind the teabaggers that a Neti-pot doesn’t go there.

    OTOH, maybe someone should monitor the teabaggers’ faces when someone tells them what that Neti-pot they’ve been drinking out of is actually for.

    • likala

      Well considering they didn’t know what teabagging was, that’s no surprise.

      I personally am fond of the little old ladies with teabags hanging all around their face.


      Edited to add: My favorite all time teabagger picture is of one of those little old ladies with the teabags around the face holding a sign that says “Teabagging for Jesus”

      • incredulous72


        Just . . . EEEEEEEEEEEWWW!

  • In the end…despite all the big talk from the Orange Speaker about some magical prosperity we’ll be given from the Holy/Almighty “Job Creators”…it was shown, without a shadow of a doubt…

    Boehner is flaccid and, thus, couldn’t handle his caucus.

    Thank you. I’m here all week. Try the salad.

  • incredulous72

    He absolutely kicked ass.

    I didn’t watch Boehner’s response because, well frankly. . . he’s a rube. The republicans look exactly as they are: petty, incompetent and borderline nihilistic.

    However, I do believe that in the end, this is what the President wanted anyway, a clean bill that raises the debt limit.

    • JMAshby

      Boehner’s response was everything you would imagine. Same tired arguments he makes every single time he speaks.

      • Thanks for sparing me the need to actually watch him fumble along. I understand he only lasted 11 minutes total before fleeing.

      • incredulous72

        How did you sit through that? I don’t know which one is worse at the podium; Boehner or Cantor.

        • JMAshby

          Cantor is much worse. I won’t sit through him.

        • laddieluv

          Can’t listen to either one of those rethug human hemorrhoids anymore. Even for one minute.