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The Blame Game


Artist– Bill Day

And, just what is the old Decider-Commander-Guy 43′ doing these days?

According to an extremely flattering, deferential article in the New York Times adapted from Peter Baker’s “Days of Fire: Bush and Cheney in the White House,” a friend likes to describe Bush’s post-presidency life as, “Clinton is a citizen of the world… and Bush is a citizen of Dallas.”

Oh, and he recently shared a photo with his granddaughter on Halloween. Gallup’s most recent polling puts him at a 49% approval. Because history is less forgiving if you’re black.

  • DrowningKittens

    Awww, let’s all shed a tear for poor little Obama, the master of the Party of Blame.

    • Lady Willpower

      Scintillating analysis. Republicans are the ones who still try to pin the recession on Obama. This is after they tried to pin 9-11 on Clinton.
      So yeah.

      • Craig Moffitt

        I know Republicans who are still trying to blame Jimmy Carter for events that happened before and after he left office. The universal response to questions of vote caging and outright election fraud by Republicans is to repeat unsubstantiated claims that JFK cheated in 1960. And of course they attempted to place the entire blame for the 9-11 attacks upon Bill Clinton as opposed to the reality that George W. Bush was a bumbling incompetent who put political considerations ahead of national security.

        As always the Republican Party is the party of projection and reactionary politics. Nothing is ever their fault and everything is always a conspiracy against them. They have pushed policies that have crashed the national economy multiple times and recently lied the nation into a pointless war. All the more proof that they need to go the way of the Whigs, the sooner the better.

        • DrowningKittens

          Obama wouldn’t know responsibility if it slapped him up side the head.

          • Victor_the_Crab

            How’s life on Htrae?

          • DrowningKittens

            Not bad, but let me know if I’m messing anything up here, Mr. Hythloday.

          • Victor_the_Crab

            Your mindset speaks for itself, Dr. Stupid.

  • Craig Moffitt

    I would approve of a one way airline ticket to The Hauge for Bush. Other than that I’d just as soon never hear anything about him ever again.

  • D_C_Wilson

    Well, I for one approve of the job Bush is doing of not being president today.