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The Bob Cesca Interview: Author David Reynolds 10/7/20

Bob Cesca
Written by Bob Cesca

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Author David S. Reynolds -- Professor Reynolds is the author of a stupendous new volume titled “Abe: Abraham Lincoln in his Times,” but unlike other Lincoln books, Professor Reynolds approaches Lincoln in a way that's completely relevant to our divisive politics and continued racial divisions. I highly recommend this book! Link in the description under today's show at Meanwhile, if you like today's show, take some time to sign up for our bonus content at

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  • katanahamon

    Well, there really are people that want a bloodbath type of civil war, the problem doesn’t really lie with them, it lies with the scheming, lying right wingers that use the propaganda and energy of these individuals and groups to stir up chaos and use them for their own goals. Once large corporations and wealthy individuals realized their potential to control politics, government and therefor the populace, we became economically enslaved. Yeah, racism still is with us, but, we have a problem that is all encompassing and pervasive and insidious. The top one percent realized that not only could they enslave just one group, but all people. Look at the current situation..the billionaires have raked in money as the populace dies and suffers. By stirring up racist tropes, and many other things, the populace is distracted and doesn’t identify the other problem facing us. I’m not saying racism is any less important, just that there are other things happening too.