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The Bob Cesca Show: “Dr. Leah Torres II” 5/15/19

Bob Cesca
Written by Bob Cesca

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Dr. Leah Torres II -- Dr. Torres is back! In case you missed her previous appearance on the show, Dr. Torres is an OB/GYN who also happens to perform abortions. On top of that, she’s a women’s rights activist,  online and off, as well as specializing in the promotion of sexual  health. Today, we talked about the Georgia and Alabama abortion laws and  how we can argue in support of the science of fetal biology and women's  healthcare. You can follow Dr. Torres on Twitter here.

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  • mnpollio

    I would love to say that the Georgia and Alabama nonsense is a surprise, but there has been a steady progression from conservatives assaulting Roe v. Wade for 40 years. I expect no less of conservative monsters than what we have been getting. But when does the Democratic leadership step up to the plate. They are consistently “taken by surprise” over the depths that Republicans will stoop and the level of duplicity and hate-mongering that the other side will unleash to get their own way and maintain a grip on power. The Democrats should see this coming by now, but they are constantly caught with their pants down. Having the fight for Merrick Garland on the Supreme Court has never seemed so important as it does now, but they chose by and large to sit that out on the sidelines for no good reason. These bills will no doubt be heading to the Supreme Court, which is now stacked with conservative wing-nuts and Trumpers, so Roe v. Wade will probably soon be yet another important issue that Trump and the Republicans throw on the pyre to become the ashes of the past. And with all of these things unfolding, we still get to be lectured by Ms. Pelosi, Mr. Schumer and the Democratic leadership about the importance of caution and political expediency. They have given us 40 years of caution/political maneuvering and this is what it has wrought. I would like to see caution thrown to the wind now so we can get something worthwhile for a change instead of giving chronic wins to the demons on the other side of the aisle.

  • Badgerite

    Dr. Torres is an extraordinary person. Exceptional. Listening to her describe the problems of her patients and the risks that pregnant women endure it is clearer to me than ever that the moral high ground in this debate does not belong to the likes of Bill O’Reilly or the religious right. It belongs to the doctors.
    Justice Blackmun was the justice who wrote the majority opinion in Roe. And before being appointed to the Supreme Court he had spent a lifetime as the lead counsel at the Mayo Clinic. He had enormous respect for doctors and the medical evidence presented in the case, which was voluminous, was very persuasive to him. This was not a case based on any idea of political correctness in terms of feminism. It was based solidly on medical evidence as to the timeline of the development of fetal life within the womb and a proper regard for the life of a patient and the doctor/patient relationship.
    The gop has made a art form of turning the dignity of that relationship and the interests of the patient and doctor involved into something akin to a vaudeville act. FFFFF Bill O’Reilly. They don’t do this because they care about life.
    They do this because they do not.

    • Well said — I absolutely agree. She’s a hero.

      • Badgerite

        Dr, Torres is one of your most impressive guests.
        I see Ben Shapiro is at it again. Yes the right to life is in the Declaration of Independence.
        And what comes next. Liberty. And what does the right to bear children or not bear children involve for a woman? Life, literally ( see maternity death rates that have gone up in Texas after the legislature passed laws that shut down pregnancy and family planning clinics all over the state) and liberty.
        The autonomy over your own life as to whether or not you bear children is a very, very strong liberty interest.
        Men contribute sperm and sex. Women risk their very lives to bear children. They are not providing temporary housing. They are risking life and limb.
        Thanks for the show. Please have Dr. Torres on more. She’s one of the most compelling speakers on the topic I have heard. This isn’t political for her. This is about the life and death decisions she is involved with all the time in her profession. And most impressive of all is that she cares so much. About life. And about her patients.

        • Badgerite

          Bob, I used to be a bit of a fence sitter on Roe in that I was well aware of the soundness of the legal reasoning but emotionally I could never quite come to its defense without some feelings of conflict.
          What the evangelicals and the gop radicalism has done for me is pushed me firmly off the fence both in terms of legal principles and in terms of moral concerns and people like Dr. Torres and the women speaking out about their own experiences are the reason I no longer feel any conflict at all on this issue. In that vain you might want to check out a May 21 post at Daily Kos by laggiby entitled, Mother Nature is the Most Frequent Abortionist. This was written by a woman who “miscarried in early pregnancy and was surprised to learn that one in five pregnancies in the US ends naturally without resulting in a live birth.” I would quote the whole post to you here if I could it is that compelling. It shows the real life impact that these proposed laws would have a women and their families. This woman had a miscarriage at home and later had an D&C so that she would be healthy enough to conceive again. Her grown daughter also had a child born with no heartbeat and with proper healthcare later conceived a healthy child that went to term. Can you not imagine the impact on women’s overall reproductive health not to mention emotional health of having to prove they and their doctors had not committed what Alabama would define as a murder?
          Multiply that by 20% of the pregnancies in the state of Alabama et al and you see the horrible and unjust impact on women and their doctors. I won’t even get into the utter lying being done about late term abortions which are only done out of medical necessity and when a pregnancy has gone tragically wrong which, of course, happens in nature also. I didn’t mention the “temporary housing” term frivolously. I literally had a professor who was very anti-Roe once define pregnancy as “shared benefits and burdens” similar to the burden of taxation. Last time I checked your life and health were not imperiled by paying your taxes. Roe was rightly decided and must be defended on all fronts. These doctors have an obligation and a clear liberty interest to provide the best care possible for their patients and these women have a right and a clear liberty interest, in receiving it.