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The Bob Cesca Show Interview: Donna Halper on Neil Peart 1/22/20

Bob Cesca
Written by Bob Cesca

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Donna Halper on Neil Peart -- Donna Halper is a broadcaster and historian who introduced Rush to America, but not only that, she helped to get Rush into the Rock N' Roll Hall of Fame and so much more. Today Donna and I remember the great Neil Peart, the drummer and lyricist for Rush. In addition to his 40 year career with the band, Donna and I discuss how Neil was also a gifted writer, thinker and philosopher. Read Donna's tribute to Neil in the Quincy Patriot Ledger. Meanwhile, if you like what you hear, please help support this show by subscribing to our bonus content at

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  • Peter Monk Craig

    Thank you @DonnaHalper for your wonderful insights and memories of Rush. I feel grateful and happy you discovered them as a DJ in Cleveland. Being from the Buffalo area this feels so right and puts us small market nerds on a larger stage. I am also still grieving Neil and expect to be for some time…this is one of the toughest losses as he meant so so much to me as he did to an amazing number of others. Take care.

  • Geddimus Prime

    Hey Bobby, Trump supporter Deplorable here and a huge Rush fan. Deal with it you triggered Snow Flake.

    • Rob

      Hey Geddimus – you support a liar, cheat and misogynist. You have no scruples, morals or integrity, and the 3 members of Rush would LAUGH in your face. Deal with it!

      • Geddimus Prime

        Poor Lil baby triggered lib. So upset! Sniffles. Orange Man Bad Orange Man Bad. Good luck with your absurd impeachment. Trump will not be removed. Deal with that.

        • Neil Peart thought your party was heartless and too tethered to religious dogma. Read his books for more. You should take my suggestion and start asking yourself, “What would Neil do?”

          • Geddimus Prime

            I’ve read each of his books. I understand where Neil was. Neil was not perfect, and is simply not the above-it-all political philosopher you and so many other ass kissers believe. He was flawed like the rest of us, and at times frankly like you a bit sophomoric in his political analysis. His comments for instance about Rand Paul “hating brown people” were beneath him, and it is unfortunate he didn’t realize a retraction and apology was in order.
            I would at least have had enough intellectual honesty and respect for him to respectfully challenge him on some of his political points rather than wind up the sycophant you and so many other fans became just because he wrote well.
            He was an extremely intelligent man, but by no means the be all end all intellectual Christ figure to which you and so many other fans elevated him.
            All three of them realized in this latter post VT phase that cozying up to you cry baby Lefties was the best way to play it safely and not have to keep defending the Ayn Rand influence. I don’t blame them. You Bolsheviks are just too annoying these days. Better to just nod agreeably and spit your high horse claptrap back at you and move on.