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The Bob Cesca Show: “Malcolm Nance III”

Bob Cesca
Written by Bob Cesca

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Malcolm Nance III -- NSFW! My guest today is Malcolm Nance, the author of the Plot To Hack America, The Plot To Destroy Democracy and the forthcoming Plot To Betray America. Malcolm's back for his third visit on the interview show to talk about Andrew Sullivan, Matt Taibbi, the Mueller Report, Bill Barr’s sedition, the tribalism of the Red Hats, Malcolm’s experiences in the Iraq War, and so much more. Brought to you today by ProFlowers -- enter BOBC in the microphone box in the upper righthand corner to double your flowers for Mother's Day!

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  • Leather Codpiece

    Thank you Bob for another amazing interview with Malcolm Nance. Always so frustrating to hear him only speak a sentence or two as a guest on MSNBC, and he has so much to say. I read the Plot to Hack America, but plan to tackle his next two. He’s smart as a whip and knows his shit. Also, loved listening to Sarah Kendsior and Andrea Chalupa. My three favorite people! Bravo!

  • Badgerite

    If trump were to defy a court order, that is an impeachable offense. He is violating the law as it is by telling Munchin to withhold his tax returns. There has never been any question that the directive is mandatory when the word “shall” is used.
    The Court cannot change that interpretation without overturning long standing case law. If trump defies the court in this regard he is defying the Constitution. Period.
    It’s not Potterville. It’s Silverado.