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Bob Cesca
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RELM_buttonMustache Rides -- NSFW; The esteemed Jody Hamilton from the Stephanie Miller Show is here today; Jody's recap of the Golden Globes with her Mom, the legendary Carol Burnett; We have collusion again; Trump and paying for Wall; The buck stops with everybody; Jim Acosta's report from the border; Trump's temper tantrum; TSA workers are going home; House Dems will subpoena Don Junior; Rosenstein on his way out; Michael Cohen will testify in Congress next month; and so much more.

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  • katanahamon
  • katanahamon

    Yay! Carol Burnett is the absolute best! I’ve missed her over the years, her show, the other hilarious actors. What’s sad though is that there’s absolutely nothing like The Carol Burnett Show now and probably never will be. Even if someone allowed that format, can you imagine finding those quirky personalities that meshed together like that?

    I’m just not understanding why we are allowing the crazy. Rump is lying his ass off just, so blatantly now, he’s pushing us into another dimension. Now he’s saying “there’s the biggest caravan ever forming”…come..on..! I wouldn’t be surprised if there were right wing operatives spreading rumors and money in South America to try to encourage these caravans to form. No low is too low for these guys.. They’re bringing back agents so hunters can enter parks for hunting. Why are we allowing them to soft serve the shutdown? I think it should all really shut down. Of course it’s just a diversion, but it shouldn’t be allowed in the first place. Especially for petty reasons. If we continue to allow this weird dual or dueling facts universe to exist, we won’t survive. Divided we fall..and Russia, China, and the Middle East know it.

    Yeah..Rump Jr..what a slimeball. All of us little people seem to be held to a much higher standard than Rump, his family and associates.

  • Don’t think for a minute 45* wouldn’t welcome it if something horrible were to happen because of the shutdown – it gives him his Reichstag Fire.
    A tidy little variation on Stochastic Terrorism.

  • jaq

    usto love LPBW…until i learned how right wing that family actually is (worst offenders being molly and jeremy’s asshole wife).. apparently the only one to come away sane from that nightmare was jacob (for a good time check his twitter @ffoloR_bocaJ)

    • Oh yeah — Jeremy’s wife is a total kook.

  • I really enjoy the give and take between you two. And Bob’s Barney Fife accent…OMG…so funny. Good show!