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Bob Cesca
Written by Bob Cesca

Cocaine With Don Junior -- NSFW! TRex David Ferguson is here today; Bob's trip to Colorado; Impeachment articles delivered to the Senate; The Game of Thrones Walk of Sh*t; Lev Parnas's shocking interview with Rachel Maddow; The president knew exactly what was going on; Everyone was in the loop; Trump threatened to withhold everything; The plot to assassinate Yovanovitch; FBI agents investigating Robert Hyde; GOA says the White House broke the law; With music by Richard Turgeon and Self Animation; and more!

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  • The Daddy State tells us lies as a means of demonstrating its power.
    The lies have practically nothing to do with the subject – or the object – of the lies.
    Lying about everything is a way to condition us – to make us accept their premise that they can do anything they want.

    You guys hit on it – they’re taking DumFux News and superimposing it onto the real world.

    The point is to dictate reality to us.

  • Christopher Jones

    Sounds like Bob was doing Jerry Louis with the Don Jr. impression. Though I’ve always advocated DJTJ’s voice is more like a coked-out Jim Neighbors singing “Green Grass of Home”, Jerry Louis seems to adequately capture his spoiled evil fuckwit spirit nicely.

  • katanahamon

    Living out west, you learn to simmer water on the stove or get a couple portable humidifiers to get the humidity up in the house in the winter. I find it easier to simmer water with a dash of vinegar. Humidifiers inevitably scale up and stop working. Summer, the swamp cooler, or Mr. Swampy keeps it up. get sick less and sleep better if you can get the humidity up past 40%. Drier than that, it’s tough. one wants to see Rump naked. Incinerated by a large, angry dragon, yes. Beheaded by a burly, black-masked man with an axe, yes. Put in a pit to be torn limb from limb by a hungry grizzly bear, yes. Duel with various weapons against a human that’s at least 7 feet tall, yes. Offered a glass of wine and a vial of poison, Well, only if the dragon and bear aren’t available. There are plenty of GoT deaths that will be acceptable.

    I just can’t believe America has a literal criminal as a president and the Republicans are saying “no he’s not..! In fact, let’s re-elect him!” It’s really that simple..our morals are down the toilet. Well, at least the entire right wing.