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Bob Cesca
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RELM_buttonYou're Dethpicable -- NSFW; The esteemed Jody Hamilton from the Stephanie Miller Show is here; Giuliani says there was collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia; Rudy backpedals; 42 Republicans side with Russia; Why didn't Bernie vote; Cohen says Trump ordered him to rig online polls; Cohen will call Trump a mad man; The economic damage of the shutdown; Trump cancels Pelosi's trip to Afghanistan in major security breach; The State of the Union; Trump's tanking in the polls; The Atlantic calls for impeachment; Chuck Schumer and Kilimnik; and so much more.

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  • I was reading some of your posts on this internet site and I believe this web site is really instructive! Keep on putting up.

  • katanahamon

    This story really affected me today..these MAGA hat wearing kids, their parents, from an alleged Catholic private school, Covington Catholic boys school, denigrating and sneering at not only a respected Native American elder, but a Vietnam vet as well, I feel like this is truly the bottom of the barrel. This is the kid that will turn out to be the next Devin Nunes, Mitch McConnell, or Alex Jones. Private schools are just an excuse to indoctrinate and propagandize kids to perpetuate racism and everything ugly in our society. I’m just….heartbroken…

  • Hiya Bob! Long-time listener (since the Elvis days) and I just listened to this podcast and you asked about Bernie Sanders. I’m not an American, but I do consider him the candidate with the best politics in the United States at this moment, and if you are interested in why I (and others) support Bernie, I can explain.

    Like you, I too was hit by the 2008 crash. However, it hit right as I was starting my career and it was just the latest in any number of right-wing failures that affected my schooling and my job prospects to the point that I had to completely abandon my desired field. I do have steady employment now, but I was fortunate to have saved enough to go back to school and pay off my student loans. Americans are often not that fortunate. For me, it was bad enough dealing with the Harper Tories, but what really sticks in my craw is that the Liberal Party of Canada basically took the goodwill and desire for a drastic change and sunk it into doubletalk about everything save LGBT issues. Claiming to want to reconcile with aboriginal groups, then siccing the RCMP on them on behalf of natural gas companies. Claiming to champion the environment while purchasing pipelines from Kinder Morgan. Meanwhile the New Democrats (of which I am a member) are nowhere to be found in the most obvious critique (thanks Jagmeet!) Meanwhile the institutions that were under assault when I was graduating have only eroded further as the Liberals dropped the ball.

    In short, the only challenge we here in Canada have to the legions of mouth-breathing Know Nothings is milquetoast neoliberalism that will still use the power of the state to protect business interests over flesh-and-blood people. That’s unnerving to say the least.

    This is what Bernie brings to the table that nobody else is: a challenge to capitalism itself. That’s the 800 pound gorilla in the room that nobody’s talking about so long as Trump is sucking up all the oxygen, and I do worry that hyperfocusing on Russia is contributing to that lack of oxygen to critique the system itself.

    All this said: I am no fool when it comes to voting. I will vote Liberal if it means keeping the Tories out of power. But outside of that ballot box, I will organize and agitate against the capitalistic status quo because that’s what’s really going to kill us in the end.

    • Thanks, Katamount! Believe it or not, I also like Bernie’s policies. That said, I find him to be a divisive figure on the left. He routinely lectures the Democrats about how to improve, yet he refuses to actually become a permanent member of the party. Etc.

      • That is a valid criticism. If he’s going to make use of the party apparatus, he should have some proverbial skin in the game. But if I had to make an educated guess as to why he hasn’t done that, it would be that party apparachiks have a nasty habit of kneecapping anybody anybody attempting to make broad-scale reforms (thinking Keith Ellison here) in favour of upholding the status quo. At least part of this is due to the fact that the party is now such a big tent that it’s meant to hold David Frum and AOC, both of whom want fundamentally different things out of the party. The Democratic Party simply can’t do that if it actually wants to solve problems on a systematic basis. Bernie probably sees it as too much of a hindrance, but that’s just a guess on my part.

  • katanahamon

    Whoa..looks like Rump might not even make it to the publication of the Mueller report..looks like he ordered Cohen to lie to Congress and left an evidence trail. Maybe lying and refusing to answer Congress’ questions will finally be taken seriously and punishment meted out. Getting sick of the Right wing and 1% dictating everything that happens..? Mitch’s response to the anti corruption bill was predictably hilarious. Cannot wait for all these liars and cheaters, grifters, and hangers on to be prosecuted all the way to the big house. We can’t allow Rump to sit in the White House one minute longer, and hopefully we can implicate Pence as well. They and the R party must be wiped out in every election that follows..

  • katanahamon

    Rump and Pelosi makes me think of Big Bang Theory..”well titted! Prepare for my upcoming Tat!” You know, without the “well” part. Rump is an imbecile. The R’s already took a similar trip abroad, they misquoted where the D’s were visiting and the purpose for the trip..I just can’t wait to see how Schulosi responds. We are in a right mess for sure, I’m not even thinking about trading the UK for Brexit because I want to see Rump carted off in handcuffs right here. That, and they seem really, really screwed. They can’t even admit that the Leave campaign was poisoned by propaganda. I’d like for was it the House or Senate where an R shouted “go back to Puerto Rico!” root out the perpetrator and remove them from office. We can’t have that shit going on at all.

    One other way out of this would be for us to just say “this president is insane, and he doesn’t care if ppl go bankrupt, so we are giving him the money for the wall, but will hang up the process after the fact so he doesn’t succeed, or impeach him in the meanwhile just to preserve our economy and people’s living situation and the security of the US.” Then, next D president, immediately declare an emergency over healthcare, shutdown the government and institute free healthcare for everyone.