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Bob Cesca
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RELM_buttonEric's The Smart One -- NSFW; The great Buzz Burbank from Buzz Burbank News and Comment is here today; The polar vortex is back; The president is trolling the climate now; Trump thinks Sicario is real; The shutdown robbed the economy of 11 billion; Roger Stone arrested; Stone compares himself to Bin Laden; Stone says he read Trump's answers to Mueller; Dan Coats contradicts Trump on a variety of topics; Trump says Obama watched TV all day; and so much more.

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  • mnpollio

    On the subject of Maher – I can find him funny and sometimes insightful. Other times, I think he can be wrong-headed and insufferable and decides to die on the hill over the dumbest of things. A man (Stan Lee) died and people who worked with him and were inspired by his work paid tribute. Maher for some unknown reason took offense and decided that was the time to behave like an asshole and denigrate the deceased because he personally does not like comic books.

    Worse, Maher’s reasoning is mighty flawed from the start. He seems to have this notion that if you read comic books you never graduated onward to reading anything else more complex. Nothing could be further from the truth. I would love it if the self-imagined “big thinkers” frantically texting all the time read comic books because that would be a step up from what they were otherwise doing. My grandfather and mother broke me in reading comic books to me as a toddler and that made me want to learn how to read them for myself. As a result, when I started school, I already knew words and meanings that other kids did not and was acing things like reading and writing. By the time I was 9-10, I was reading Salem’s Lot and The Shining. Yes – it may have taken me a month to do it, but I was doing it. Now, I usually read 2-3 books per week on my train rides to and from work. So Maher’s view about how reading comic books stunt reading anything complex and critical thinking is pure crap.

    Second, Maher is entitled to his opinion, but when he postulates about what Stan Lee did or did not do in his mind, he should at least take this into consideration. Mr. Lee took a personal passion of drawing cartoons and telling stories and turned it into a life’s work. He initially founded a comic book empire, which inspired millions of people around the world – both the readers and those up-and-coming artists who wished to follow in Lee’s footsteps. Mr. Lee then parlayed that into a movie studio empire that more often than not has crafted a superior quality product that generates billions in domestic and international revenue and has provided paychecks to hundreds of thousands of people – actors, writers, directors, art directors, special effects team, make-up people, film scouts, lighting people, assistants, secretaries, carpenters, architects, etc. (perhaps Mr. Maher is a tad jealous not to be in on the act, but then again not everyone can say they have quality filmmaking like Cannibal Women in the Avocado Jungle of Death on their resume). Mr. Lee’s results right there are far more of an accomplishment than either the duly unelected Rancid Cheetoh in Chief has done (and I doubt he reads anything as complex as a comic book). And it is more than any of the “deep thinking” Ayn Rand-reading “very serious” conservatives sitting in Congress have done in the majority of time they have been sitting in their posts thwarting progress at every turn and trying to roll us back to the Dark Ages.

    Mr. Maher should consider all this before he goes on another nonsensical rampage about Stan Lee and Marvel Studios and comic books. Then again, he is probably too busy booking “big thinkers” like Ann Coulter on his show, who literally have nothing of worth to contribute to any conversation other than to be insulting and act like verbal bomb throwers, so that Mr. Maher can claim his show gives everyone a chance to speak their “view”, even when their views are laughably invalid, inaccurate and giving them a wide megaphone does more damage than anything found in a comic book. So thank you for that, Mr. Maher.

  • Don P

    Roger Stone, I think, has an enormous problem: no prosecutor in their right mind would make a deal with him. He has nothing to offer. You can’t put him on the stand, as he would never stand up to to cross examination with a near 50 year public history of false statements and bad behavior. Stone is the end of his branch of the tree.

    Eric Trump IS the smarter one, in that he takes advice from their hired PR people of “JESUS CHRIST! Do NOT go on camera as much as your idiot brother!”. Eric is just as nasty and smug, but doesn’t have that MAGA self- own twitter troll thing going on that Junior does.

  • katanahamon

    If you’ve ever had gut problems, lots of kinds of gut problems can cause an instantaneous sweat from the pain like you’ve never experienced, the ends of your hair are instantly soaked and you’re afraid you’ll slide right off the toilet. Yeah, tmi. It’s just weird the first time it happens to you. Not something you want to make a habit of..feel sorry for those with IBS, gallbladder issues, pancreas, constipation from drugs, bladder, etc turns out you should never say “this is the worst pain ever,” because there’s always a new body part ready to inflict upon you. Mother Nature is doing her level best to kill us..

    It’s a shame people couldn’t take care of our national lands and instead decided to pillage and ruin. Bill Maher can screw himself. Marvel Studios is making the best movies now, he can just get over it. Marvel gets the best orchestras and musicians, they get great actors and technicians, they push the technology. The arc of twenty movies is a fantastic accomplishment. Buzz may have a point, but I’d like to modify it a bit..there were too many “not very good” superhero movies made before. Don’t take it out on the good ones! Just think..we’ve finally reached a technological point where these fantasy stories can actually look good, so, why the hell not have escapist fantasy? Infinity War is just can watch it just for the beautiful colors, lighting, settings, much less the wonderful acting, music etc. Believe me, with Rump in office, I wish I could climb through my tv screen and join the Avengers. I could be “Chronic Pain Man,” my superpower would be a fantastic tolerance to opioids.

    Ok..back to so called reality. Have we arrested Rump yet? He should get twenty years just for telling people President Obama watched basketball all day. I hope the TSA and the air traffic controllers stop any future shutdowns by simply not working. I’d like to see legislation to eliminate shutdowns permanently. Let’s get on with prosecuting Rump..I’m sick of feeling like America is swirling around the toilet propelled by each and every tweet and lie.