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Bob Cesca
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RELM_buttonComputer Boards -- NSFW; The great David 'TRex' Ferguson is here today; Happy New Year; Our first show of 2019; Trump wouldn't leave us alone during the holiday; Trump's insane cabinet meeting; The Trump Shutdown Continues; Nancy Pelosi and the 116th Congress sworn in; Trump defended Russia's invasion of Afghanistan; Whitaker kissed Trump's ass; Elizabeth Warren and fighting Trump; The Romney oped; Trump and the RNC continue to copulate; Kurt Eichenwald's epic thread about Trump and Rusher; and so much more.

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  • jaq

    ok, this is awkward, but i kind of wish for 2019 that we can find a way to talk about donald trump without taking shots at his weight.. not trying to be a snowflake, since i’m sure we all know/love people who aren’t at a 20bmi and it’s not your intention to include them when dragging trump, but maybe stop and think about how they might feel when they hear ridiculing jokes about size?

    • You’re right, of course, but I can’t help but to bully the bully. Fat-shaming isn’t my thing — except when bullies ask for it.

  • Boooooob is back! And “radiantly maternal”!!! So good to have you back.

    ETA: Trumpov spent the Holidays in the equivalent of a 5 star hotel with massive historical significance with a 24/7 staff including a personal chef and security and he has the nerve to complain. Eff him. Seriously.

    • I’m so delighted you noticed the new “Hello Cesca” jingle clip. (Tom Paris from Star Trek: Voyager)

      • katanahamon

        Just finished rewatching Voyager again on my new tv. That was such a great series..I noticed your new Paris gem and wondered why I’ve never made that connection. I’ll bet there are some more you can find in there..! Here’s a trivia bit..I’ve been obsessing over all things Avengers Endgame, and I noticed the finale episode of Voyager where Admiral Janeway goes back in time to save the day is entitled yes, you guessed it..”Endgame.”

  • Michael B Conway

    Hammer of Thor. Gavel of Pelosi.

    • katanahamon

      I went looking to see if there were any mock-ups of Nancy Pelosi as Captain Marvel..didn’t see any yet!

      • Michael B Conway

        Nancy has a bigger rack.

  • katanahamon

    Hello..hello..test, test..this thing on? Couldn’t post before, I’m just testing..

    • jaq

      same.. i’m guessing disqus did some kind of update, cuz i couldn’t sign into my acct for some reason, so just gave up and created a new one.. :-/

  • Looking forward to more Congress, which should be actually in session and working more. Women prefer to work than pontificate.