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Bob Cesca
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The Mr. Underwear Show -- NSFW! Jody Hamilton and TRex David Ferguson are here; The latest on the impeachment trial; Bob's decaf nightmare; Wilbur Ross's outrageous upside to the Coronavirus; The Rick Wilson clip on CNN; A section of Trump's wall was blown over; Greg Gutfeld is totally in love with Trump; Rand Paul tried to out the whistleblower again; Alan Dershowitz's moronic defense; Mitch McConnell might not have the votes; The White House is threatening John Bolton; With music by Alexia Chambi and Michael Snyder-Barker; and more!

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  • katanahamon

    “Those filthy, primitive Chinese eating live bats are how we got the Coronavirus..!” (No, not accusing this panel, this is the right wing party line.) bats are sold at the fish market where the initial or allegedly initial cases started. The right wing has multiple propaganda sites spreading such filth. They are delighted by any chance to instigate racist behavior and attacks to justify their anti immigrant policies. Do the research..don’t spread hate.

    Now that human to human infection has been proven, tracing the cause will be very difficult. Also, the flu has killed more people than are even infected with this new, novel Coronavirus, yet the media would have us believe it’s a pandemic. Look up the stats for current flu deaths, and ask yourself about the differences in media coverage.

    Looking back, the stealing of a Supreme Court seat started a cascade of “anything goes” republican behavior. Stealing seats, elections, whatever. Yeah, other examples further back abound, but, this sort of, out in the open, brazenly unethical destruction of democratic norms is unprecedented. Now, we aren’t the least bit surprised that one president was hounded and hounded by investigators who finally turned up a blowjob, yet now a president that blackmailed a foreign country for election interference along with thousands of lies and other crimes will simply be let off the hook. All this from a president that already received foreign help to be installed despite not winning the popular vote.

    How can we call ourselves a democracy after this?

    I think I’m going to bake and eat croissants until I explode..enjoy..! I’ve made bags and bags of these, it’s a great, classic recipe when compared to many others from famous French bakeries, and is extremely detailed with a video presentation as well as printable recipe. You can freeze the dough to pull out and make other pastries with too..slap some apricot jam or preserves, some raspberries and honey, it’s terrific..the three day recipe only requires a few minutes of actual work, and the extended rests make the dough soft, relaxed and super easy to work with.