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Bob Cesca
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RELM_buttonSaturday And Live -- NSFW; Ingénue Jody Hamilton from the Stephanie Miller Show is here today; The Polar Vortex is also here; Intelligence community totally contradicts Trump and no one cares; Schumer sends letter to Coats demanding that he educates Trump; Don Junior's stupid thing of the day; Steve Schmidt advising Howard Schultz; Russian hackers grab Mueller documents; McConnell and Blavatnik; Another secret Trump meeting with Boss Pooty Poot; Don Junior meets with election interference firm; and so much more.

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  • Badgerite

    Rachel Maddow had a segment on the ‘leaked’ Mueller files. This was not a hack but files obtained by one of the Russian corporate defendants using the discovery process prior to trial. They hired American lawyers to represent them in court even though they, of course, have no intention of ever appearing in court of making themselves subject to the American jurisprudence. They were simply gaming the system to get their hands on files from Mueller’s office that they then altered and ‘leaked’ to a sock puppet site claiming it showed the totality of the Mueller investigation evidence. Of course it does not. Special Counsel’s Office has used this alleged ‘hack’ in court as further grounds for not allowing this defendant to obtain any truly sensitive or redacted information through the discovery process.
    Discovery is a process that allows the defendant’s lawyers pre-trial to get a look at the state’s evidence against them.
    In this case, the defendants are the Russian fronts for the Russian FSB cyber operations. So, of course, they have no intention of submitting to American law. They are simply using the system to try to discredit the Mueller investigation.
    They, ( Russia, the gop and trump and his cronies) are trying their damnedest to shut this thing down. (See Whitaker’s ridiculous statement about the probe being almost wrapped up.) This is part of a propaganda campaign, coordinated with trump & cronies, and Russia, obviously, to claim “nothing to see here” before anyone gets to see what the evidence really says. See also leak as to who Junior was calling from trump tower just before June meeting.
    When Mueller does present his case, this alleged ‘hack’ would be part of the evidence that Russia is doing exactly what has been claimed. Only this time it is not an election they are trying to obstruct but the American justice system.
    Like trump and his helpers like Whitaker and possibly Barr. They are trying to make the Mueller investigation look innocuous and inconsequential ( see “process crimes”) as a means of being able to sweep it all under the rug and pardon everyone involved. Count on it. trump is guilty as shit and a traitor. The gop knows and doesn’t care. Pure and simple.
    See Rachel Maddow from this week.

  • “Panelist” is an apt descriptor for the GOP bunch – considering the Game Show Host In Chief currently occupying the oval office.
    It’s Garry Moore and I’ve Got A Secret (with apologies to decent people like Mr Moore and Betsy Palmer and especially my boyhood crush, Bess Myerson).

  • Michael B Conway

    So cold in Chicago I had to crawl inside a deep dish pizza to survive.

  • Chris Budesa

    How may times has he met with russians without any other official present?
    has this happened before?

    • To my memory he has met at least twice more with only US translators (once with Putin at some foreign meeting and Kislyak in the White House, ya know the time he leaked the Israeli secret info that put an Israeli operative in jeopardy). In both those instances Trumpov took the translators notes and did not allow a transcript of their conversation. In both cases, we only know what the Russians say occurred. Which, knowing them, is not to be trusted and clearly not how we do diplomatic business.

      Basically, I believe this is the first time that Trumpov met with Putin completely without another American present (Melania doesn’t count, her only allegiance is to money and her son).

  • Our media drives me nuts. They’re calling the Russian leak of the Mueller documents a “hack” and burying the truth deep in their articles. Here’s some food for thought, maybe the Russian leak was what Trumpov discussed with Putin during the G20–ya know the meeting where no one on the US side attended or too notes (because Trumpov doesn’t count). The changes to the leaked documents is a classic Russian intelligence technique.