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RELM_buttonImpeachment Club -- NSFW; The great Buzz Burbank from Buzz Burbank News and Comment is here; Trump to speak to the nation from the Oval Office; The Trump National Emergency; The fake invasion and the fake border crisis; TV network coverage; How the government shutdown will end; The Daily Caller's stupid gotcha story about Obama; The shutdown and the IRS; Trump repeats Russia propaganda from the cabinet room; Putin offers soy beans to China during Trump's trade war; and so much more.

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  • Great points, guys. That first block especially is prime cut.

    Politicians always have at least two moves – or responses to the opposition’s moves – in their pockets.
    45*’s whole schtick is about setting up a “Will He Or Won’t He” cliffhanger, gauging the response, and then going with whatever he thinks benefits his own interests.
    That doesn’t make him a whole lot different than any of the rest of ’em, but because he has no Integrity and no Honor, he’s entirely unencumbered by what any normal person would think of as Guiding Principles. Everything is fungible and situational to him, so he can do whatever the fuck he thinks will win the moment for him.
    He believes that makes him clever. But the smart guys (Schumer & Pelosi & Schiff et al) know it makes him a one-trick pony. They’ve got his number. They’re getting all the shit that Nunes & Chaffetz buried in the archives, which they can use to neutralize GOP obstruction. They can get a lot from DoJ briefings now. And they should be able to drop the hammer on this whole mess “pretty soon”.

    BTW – 45* didn’t try the Emergency Powers thing last nite, but that doesn’t mean he won’t try it some other time. Don’t ever stop worrying about that Fire At The Reichstag Moment.

  • Badgerite

    Jesus, tap-dancing Christ. Is it me or have we been in a perpetual Twilight Zone of Saturday Night Cold Opens as our executive branch reality? Get him a Big Mac and send him to bed please. Enough.

  • katanahamon

    Rump probably brought up his fictitious rewrite of Russia/Afghanistan history because he admires invading another country. Maybe he’s trying to put the thought out there that maybe invading Mexico is the threat hanging over us if he doesn’t get his wall to force getting the funding. He’s already alluded to terrorists coming over the border, just like he said happened in Afghanistan. Yeah..maybe we need a mined, booby trapped, barbed wire infested no man’s land type extended border between US and Mexico…

  • katanahamon

    It’s not a matter of us “not paying attention,” Rump will be broadcast on Fox no matter what. I still think the networks, who didn’t allow President Obama to broadcast when his staff asked, could have easily said no, this is for a purely political reason. The networks have been complicit in the rise of this fool, now they’ll what, make more money on this? That’s the reason I think the major networks should have said no. The precedent is that they already have said no, to an actual, reasonable president.

    • gabrielle cronin


  • katanahamon

    From the Guardian..
    “The indictment claims Natalia Veselnitskaya was working closely in secret with Russian officials while covering-up her back-channel in U.S. court.”

    I don’t know..seems like everyone might want to cover up their….back-channels…especially in court.

    I’m betting his staff are clenching their sphincters because no one knows what the hell he can say live. I wrote as many outlets as I could today via email trying to shame them for broadcasting more lies and propaganda after having given him billions in free positive coverage already. Sounds like ppl think Mulvaney might bail soon, esp if Rump gets crazy with it. We aren’t going to “win over” anyone on the right ever again unless we eliminate Fox and propaganda from our discourse. We have the right in their own hubristic and financially rewarding bubble, so, they can have their own facts, even society to support each other in their beliefs, and it has utterly poisoned our government and overall society. As far as national emergency goes, I think ppl around him might be discovering that the monies available will take away from other military things, so, he may not try to do it, although, it is Rump we are talking about, so..who knows.

    I believe the funding for the Mueller probe is self contained and unaffected. Although, my memory sucks, so, that’s just from my recollections in my Internet travels. I hope Lewandowski gets caught in the web too..he’s a real scumbag. Why hasn’t anyone talked about how Rump had illegal workers at his business(es) and faked their paperwork? Back to this Wall broadcast..I think impeachment would be viable after Rump lies and tries to incite fear about terrorists coming into the country. Like someone already said, “this will be the first presidential address to the country to incite fear instead of calm a nation.”

    As of this posting, I can’t go past 29’ 45” …the broadcast just stops. Maybe it’s at my end, I’ll try later to finish the broadcast..