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Bob Cesca
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Nuclear Spooge -- NSFW! Jody Hamilton and TRex David Ferguson are here; Trump and your 409k; Ukrainian jetliner may have been shot down by Iran; John Kerry on Lawrence O'Donnell; Trump's sniffy, breathless Iran remarks; Trump lied again about the Iran Deal; Mike Lee and Rand Paul are fired up about Trump's military briefing; Trump falsely takes credit for reduced cancer death rate; Trump and Moscow Mitch are still trying to rig the Senate trial; 'There are so many people walking around without legs'; With music by Synthetic Chocolate and Kaz; and more!

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  • There’s a whole Magilla about donating money directly to any government entity.

    “That’s called bribery, bitch!”

    Congress has to get into it, and approve the use of any money not appropriated by the House.


    To be clear, this list documents announcements — not receipts — of Trump’s donations.

    CNN reports that “federal regulations prohibit agencies from accepting donated funds unless Congress grants authority to the agency to accept the donation. Without congressional authorization, donated money is deposited into the general fund of the Department of Treasury.” We contacted the Department of Treasury to find out if documentation for any such deposits is publicly available and have yet to hear back.