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Bob Cesca
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RELM_buttonDaddy Thinks I'm The Best -- NSFW; Jody Hamilton from the Stephanie Miller Show is here; The Dow tanked again; Trump blames the Fed; Trump's bizarre outburst; The mysterious disappearance of Jamal Khashoggi; Trump's insane meeting with New York Magazine; Chris Wray sayd his Kavanaugh investigation was limited by the White House; John Roberts refers Kavanaugh allegations to DC Circuit; Election meddling in Georgia and North Dakota; Kanye's stupid password; Trump in 2020; Avenatti says Don Junior will be indicted; and so much more.

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  • katanahamon

    Hey Bob..hope you keep up with the comments..this is Sunday, I’m hoping you’ll address the “more and more ppl are predicting a Rump win in 2020” thing sweeping the media this week. This is BULLSHIT! Sorry for the all caps, is. This “man” is a criminal, was a criminal when elected, and has committed more crimes since being elected. That the media would go along with the idea that he’s really definitely finishing his first term, let alone not be primaried is a repugnant idea..can you imagine 8 years of this????

  • Late last week I called up my broker and had him stop my contributions to my IRA. It’s a pittance. Probably what Bezos earns in interest every time he farts. But I felt that there’s no point in putting money into the Market when I KNOW it’s going to crash. If I could draw it out without penalty I would. Then I’d stuff it into my mattress and wait until after the elections to decide what to do with it.

    Another reason why there is no one pretending to be someone else to vote on Native American Reservations is because everyone there knows everyone else. If someone showed up with someone else’s ID they would immediately stop them. And everyone in a precinct knows where everyone else lives. And i mean that literally. Oftentimes the plot they live on has been “assigned” to their family for generations so it doesn’t change very often.

    In regards to Heitkampf falling in the polls…The Dakotas are rabidly pro-life so her opposing Kavanaugh has hurt her badly.

    There is so much to unpack in the Kanye meeting. He’s clearly in a manic phase and off his medication. And the WH had to know that. So they let a manic, crazy person near the President. That’s a no-no. Plus they let him take his phone in to the Oval Office and that is against security protocol. On top of that the WH said that they were just supposed to have lunch but that’s a lie. The WH set it up as a huge publicity stunt. And finally, what makes me the angriest about it is that it’s VERY wrong to let a malignant narcissist like Trump to be allowed to use a mentally ill person in a vulnerable state. As much as Kanye might also be a narcissist and unlikable, but he’s off his rocker. If I was his wife I’d be mortified right now. Of course, since the Kardashians don’t have any shame, Kim probably just shrugged it off.

    The registrations in GA being set aside are 70% African American. AA’s make up about a third of the state population. Not to mention the fact that the decision was made within the 30-60 day window before the election. So it is illegal and someone needs to get an injunction to force them to accept those registrations. The court can decide whether the law is enforceable AFTER the election.

  • katanahamon

    Pickle barrel. I think the barrel with the straps depicted in cartoons is a pickle barrel. I could be wrong. Maybe beer. I started to channel Chez for Halloween, but, thought it might not go over well. I think he would have made you change your theme music by now. It’s not bad, it just doesn’t move very much in terms of underlying chord structure. Your Rump reading is ok, go just a bit slower and don’t put any tiny pauses at all..which is difficult cause you have to breathe. Yeah..he’s crazy..we all knew it, we all know it now. As far as taxes, it would be nice if the rich paid their fair share and didn’t offshore their money. I’m sick of the rich saying “look at this paycheck..see how much we pay!” Yeah, you pay more, but as a percentage either you can afford it, or you’re paying less due to avoidance of taxes. Look at our dear leader..he’s probably never paid any. I’m gonna be obvious, but, how can an investigation be “limited” and be called a “fair investigation that gets to the truth.”

    We have to organize to defeat voter ID restrictions. I can’t believe that property ownership or having a physical address could be a requirement. We have to get all people proper ID like a social security card or state picture ID even if we go to street corners with an iPad camera with a state computer hookup. Saying you can’t vote if you don’t have a physical address instantly makes all homeless people non citizens. It also demeans them and removes their voice from society. The right will get away with exactly as much as we allow them to.

  • Great bit about 45*’s rambling – it’s exactly the way 1000s of comments on the wingnut sites read.
    The fire hose effect. If you just keep going no matter what, you dominate the “conversation” and leave no room for rebuttal.
    We see it all the time in those oh-so-entertaining video rants of White People Gone Mad
    Call it “stream of consciousness” if you feel the need to be polite, but I think “brain puke” is more accurate.

  • Badgerite

    Voter rights is where the Supreme Court is falling down on the job. They are literally doing what the Court did in Plessey v Ferguson. They are accepting a fiction, which is that there is some kind of significant voter fraud going on that the states are trying to deal with. In reality, this is voter suppression and the Court is well aware of it or should be by now.
    ‘Voter fraud’ is the new “separate but equal.” It has the same intent and the same effect.