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Bob Cesca
Written by Bob Cesca

Heat Seeking Democracy Missile -- [Explicit Content] Trump's awkward dancing; Twitter suspended Kayleigh McEnany and Team Trump; The bogus New York Post article; "Burmecia"; NBC News betting on Trump for the ratings win; The Barrett hearings continue; Amy Coney Barrett couldn't remember the freedoms in the First Amendment; Lindsey Graham broke the law today on television; Bill Barr and the unmasking probe; Jody's awesome Amy Coney Barrett impression; David "TRex" Ferguson and Jody Hamilton are here; With music by Freekbass and Nick Lutsko; and more!

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  • katanahamon

    After the stories about how NBC knew Rump was a giant fraud, them doing I type this, David is saying it’s going to go awry, and yes, at least he was beaten in the ratings. NBC should be boycotted big time. This is criminally damaging the United States at this point..the Repub drop box thing is also criminal, the cheating, the media f’ing around trying to make it a normal horse race, which it is absolutely not. I’m beyond furious to the point that if they say Rump wins this election, I am sure, totally sure that our system was corrupted and our votes were not counted at all.

  • katanahamon

    From Guardian..
    “Joe Biden’s town hall last night attracted more viewers than Trump’s, according to Nielsen. Although Trump’s event was broadcast on more channels, Biden still attracted almost 1 million more viewers. The figures will likely enrage the ratings-obsessed president, who told aides he hoped to beat Biden and then use the numbers to humiliate them.”