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Bob Cesca
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RELM_buttonBone Saw -- NSFW; Buzz Burbank from Buzz Burbank News and Comment is here; Three weeks from Election Day; We review some positive indicators for a Blue Wave; Independent voters are pissed about Trump; The Reuters Poll showing indies are leaning heavily toward the Dems; Trump's $800B deficit; Mitch McConnell threatens Medicare and Social Security; Trump Fatigue is real; Trump's gibberish about Kim Jong Un on 60 Minutes; Elizabeth Warren's DNA; Trump is acting suspicious about Khashoggi; Cyber attacks against election systems; and so much more.

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  • katanahamon

    Again..we can’t assume all new registered voters are Dems..the Repubs have just as many kids getting registered who are predisposed to vote R. Yeah, I hope the country is pissed at this vile, dishonest propaganda but again..don’t get happy. We thought Hillary was a lock, she should have been, for all we know she actually did win but vote totals could have been altered and they could be again. Sounds like conspiracy theory but guess what..we still don’t have a trackable, verifiable and safe system of vote total verification. Why? The Repubs won’t allow’s how they cheat, so expect to see them vote down any funds for election security.

    No..Utah is considering only medical marijuana in edible forms smoking, no growing your own, no candy or attractive edibles that children could be attracted to, to my understanding. Very limited.

  • katanahamon

    Rump has taken money from the’s obvious he’s owned by them as well as Russia. Haven’t they been trying to use backchannels to the Rump family as early as his presidential campaign? What’s sad is the truly terrifying nature of this contract killing is being watered down and normalized. Warren is being treated to the full Hillary..a playbook the right has perfected over thirty years. First, Warren only tried to defend her family’s stories, not claim she’s a member of the Native American nations. Even with proof, she’s being denigrated. She can’t win with the right. Yeah..always lose a portion of the show when you play Rump or anyone on the right..they get enough airtime.

    The problem with the media is that they have normalized the daily lying. It wouldn’t have happened with a Democrat or left leaning person. Look how Hillary was held to a truthful standard, investigated, criticized..yet Rump has weekly propaganda rallies where no one even questions that only lies and propaganda are spread there, and no one asks why taxpayers are likely paying for it. Not to mention his propagandistic Twitter feed and lies he tells to the press. The media has been corrupted to the point that they are printing falsehoods and propaganda forthe right wing. I’m also terrified Mueller will say Rump didn’t collude with Russia, that there were many crimes committed by ppl surrounding him, but once again, the slippery eel will escape.

  • Always always always: Don’t get happy. Stay mad and keep working.

    This didn’t get all fucked up yesterday, and we’re not going to unfuck it by midnight Nov 6th.

    And if it works out for us this time, that’s great, but don’t start thinking any of the GOP’s shit stops with this election – or any election any time soon. They’ve been at it for a long and they have no intention of quitting the project. It pays too well.

    On Khashoggi: “I was just cleaning my bone saw and it accidentally went off” (Charlie Pierce)

    Which is right up there with “Shot 3 times in the back with a bolt-action .30-06 – an apparent suicide.”

    Keep doin’ good, guys

  • jaq

    Numbers are getting jumbled because Warren’s test results estimate anywhere from 6 to 10 generations.. 6 gens = 1/64 – 10 gens = 1/1,024.. Not seeing any “fudging” since she was just repeating spoken family history (what her mother told her, based on what her mother told her, etc).. Everything I know about my ethnicity is based on what my family has told me.. Like most people, I’m not running to get a DNA test to check if my great-grandmother was a liar…keeping in mind that wasn’t even a possibility 20+ years ago when Warren made the statement.

  • Michael B Conway


  • Who HASN’T tripped and killed someone when holding a bone saw!?!? I mean, geez….

  • debish

    yes, indeed i mute or ff idiots voice