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Bob Cesca
Written by Bob Cesca

Meltdown -- NSFW! Jody Hamilton and TRex David Ferguson are here today; Tony Atamanuik's Trump impression; The Trump Meltdown; Trump says "server" 8 times in 24 seconds, the Kurds are worse than ISIS, and Syria has sand; Nancy Pelosi stands up to Trump; Trump says we've been allies with Italy for thousands of years; The Harry Dunn blunder in the White House; G7 to be held at Trump Doral; Safe home, Elijah Cummings; Mulvaney confesses to quid pro quo; Vanity Fair reports on Trump's stock manipulation; With music by Listening Ritual and Rene Trossman; and more!

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  • mnpollio

    I have often been a huge critic of Pelosi, but that Tweet that Trump sent out was nauseating. “Pray for her” and “she is a very sick person” etc. Talk about major deflection issues. It sounds like Trump was describing himself. I am uncertain how much more evidence is needed that this is a very psychologically unstable man that needs to be removed from any position of authority. Hell, he needs to be removed from polite society. Hopefully solitary confinement is in his near future.

  • Roy Phoenix

    Bob, that English family wanted the woman that got back to the US prosecuted on their side, but she had diplomatic immunity. So they made a plea to the president to do something about it , and I assume that meet-up was the best idea Trump allowed. That family may very well wanted a (final) word with her at the very least if she was never gonna face justice for what she did to begin with.