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Bob Cesca
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RELM_buttonTrump Fatigue -- NSFW; The great TRex David Ferguson from the TRex Report podcast is here; Don McGahn resigns; America is tired of Donald Trump; The latest on the Khashoggi murder; Jared Kushner and Trump working with the Saudi coverup; Trump likes due process again; Jared and MBS are texting buddies; The stakes in the governor races; Fusion GPS lawyer nails Fox News on the Russian attack; Trump and Lavrov exchanged makeup; Trump said Obama should be investigated; The Republican started the violent rhetoric; and so much more.

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  • ranger11

    At this point the Connecticut Compromise can suck my dick. The whole system is as undemocratic as fuck.

  • katanahamon

    Yeah..300 questions answered, likely 300 lies and obfuscations. Rump can complain about the “fake news” not reporting positive things all he wants, because we all know..there isn’t anything positive about him, his family, his associates, his appointees, his administration, his supporters or his party.’re right..the world has learned that any agreement with America will only be good for as long as the remaining term of the current president. That’s a done deal.. Rump isn’t just broke..he’s owned by multiple interests now..Deutsche Bank, Saudis, Russians, many more. Saying that Khashoggi “wasn’t a citizen” is truly grotesque. No person deserves what happened to him, and we must punish these truly evildoers. No..legitimate news outlets can’t be banned, but Fox could be. Lies and propaganda should be banned. It’s really that simple. You just said it, David..I say it allllllll the time..propaganda. What’s worse than the actual propaganda that Fox spews is their faux outrage that they are persecuted and how they accuse other outlets of being “fake.”

    It wasn’t just Russia, was the right admitting that they didn’t care if there was cheating in the election. Rump somehow mysteriously got “just the right number” of votes and precincts to win, when every single poll said that wasn’t going to happen? No..F’ing…way.. It still amazes me that everyone was fine with saying “oh, guess the polls were wrong” not “gee..a billion polls ALL can’t be wrong, gosh, we should probably look into this.” Nice show guys, good to hear from David..hope you’re taking care of yourself.