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RELM_buttonPJ And Tobin And Squi -- NSFW; Buzz Burbank from Buzz Burbank News and Comment is here today; Trump attacks female reporters at NAFTA press conference; Trump and Provigil; Miss Lindsey doesn't give a shit about you; Mitch McConnell confronted by activists; Don Junior's more worried about his sons than his daughters potentially being raped; Kavanaugh's bar fight; All of Kavanaugh's lies; Rape statistics and seeking help; QAnon's latest gibberish; and so much more.

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  • Badgerite

    If the majority of the American people believe Dr. Ford and Kavanaugh has displayed quite an animus toward people who believe Dr. Ford, how exactly can he be placed on the Supreme Court? Just askin. He has a demonstrated animus against the majority of Americans. That’s work.

  • Badgerite

    Jesus. The number of law professors who have come out against the Kavanaugh nomination is now at 1000 and counting. If it gets to 2000 will the gop bother to listen or give a flying crap or do they already believe they are so immune from any kind of accountability to the public and they just don’t care. I would go with all of the above.

  • katanahamon

    No other president, to my knowledge, has ever had rallies like Rump. Plus, no one has ever asked “who’s paying for this?” I’m betting it’s the taxpayers. It’s not right that we allow this wholesale propaganda and pay for it besides. He never gets dragged into an impartial environment and forced to admit the lies..they need to be stopped. He’s doing like six rallies in a couple weeks.. I wish ppl would stop staying “women are abandoning the repub party” cause..they’re not. They knew exactly what Rump was and voted for him as president. Most party members are loyal..they vote the party not the candidate. Is it the media not reporting on the Dems, or do we in fact have no leadership? We’d better get with it. This is all so depressing..I’m sick of the propaganda, the lies..

  • If the Kavanaugh nomination fails, it could easily motivate some Repubs to rally. And it could just as easily motivate a big part of “the base” to shit on Repubs who promised them a 5-4 vote to overturn Roe v Wade and fucked it up again.
    Net neutral.
    But you guys are absolutely correct – Dems have to stop being afraid of making the Repubs mad. We have to take the lessons that’re being presented to us every fucking day – the abuser will almost always react with anger and (at least implied) violence when he’s called on his abuse.
    We gotta find our courage.
    We gotta step up.
    And we gotta have each others’ backs.

  • Badgerite

    Whoa. 500 law professors from around 100 law schools, including 8 professors from Yale, have sent a letter to the Senate Judiciary Committee condemning Kavanaugh for lack of judicial temperament and stating that this should disqualify him from sitting on the Supreme Court.
    Bingo. He wasn’t “raw and impassioned”, he was just an abusive jerk. And following a script as well. And that script called for attacking the Democrats on the committee so he did. And rather nastily at that.
    This fact demonstrates not only a lack of judicial temperament but also a lack of good judgement as a person.
    There are instances where no one can give you a ‘script’ and what you are required to do is explain yourself and just tell the truth. Even if that isn’t how he was being advised, that should have been his choice. I have never seen a weaker performance as to intellectual independence or impartiality in my life.

  • Badgerite

    Loved the gif Bob Cesca did on twitter of Kavanaugh testimony.
    Smigel wants The Precious. Better not get in his way.

  • Actually “boof” means anal “ingestion” of beer. My work here is done.

    • Ziggy Blue

      My wife and I saw Stephen’s boofing bit. We were howling with laughter.

  • Badgerite

    Watergate gave us the” non-denial denial.” The Kavanaugh nomination is giving us the non-investigation investigation.
    They seem to be investigating nothing but their past notes. This is not the kind of “investigation” the ABA or anyone else called for. This is just cover-up squared.