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Bob Cesca
Written by Bob Cesca

Effing With The Old Man -- NSFW! Jody Hamilton and TRex David Ferguson are here; Trump says he's building a wall in Colorado; Cory Booker nails a Breitbart reporter about Trump and "lynching"; The Republican SCIF stunt; Judge Napolitano fact checks Fox and Friends on the House rules; Trump's lawyer argues he CAN shoot someone on 5th Avenue; Republican lawmaker says citizens could be impeached next; Zelensky knew about the quid pro quo; Ukraine also knew Trump was withholding aid; Mark Esperanto; What happened to ISIS; With music by Quivvver and Lisa Gutkin; and more!

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  • RedHatsAreTheNewBrownshirts

    Hi Bob,
    You should let T-Rex know that there was a band named Cargo Cult in the 1980s. Not exactly well known but featured members of better known bands such as Big Boys and Jesus Lizard.

  • “There can be no quid pro quo if Ukraine didn’t know we were holding up the aid.”
    “You can’t arrest me for attempted robbery because the guy I was trying to rob didn’t know I was trying to rob him.”

  • KABoink_after_wingnut_hacker

    I like name Cargo Cult as well.
    First read about them in a Richard Dawkins book and was intrigued.
    Never thought it would make such a good band name!

  • Wookie Monster

    And the investigation into the “oranges” of the Russian probe has become a criminal probe:

    Yep, Trump and Barr are officially weaponizing the criminal justice system to go after their enemies.

  • galileo126

    LOL! Bob, my brother and I did the SAME THING at the dinner table with our father too. My dad’s hearing was compromised during NG duty as an artillery man, sadly. But what fun we kids had with all that. (Once, I found his threshold the hard way, and got slapped immediately. Like I said … once.) Good times!

    • I’m convinced my Dad knew what we were doing.