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Bob Cesca
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Donnie Taters -- [Explicit Content] The great Mary Trump, psychologist, author of "Too Much And Never Enough," and niece of the president, joins us for the full hour; Trump left his supporters on a tarmac in Nebraska for hours; "We will vanquish the vaccine"; Why we should call him "Donald"; Mary advises us how best to make it to Election Day without going nuts; Brain worms on the march; The GDP is another jetpack made of beef; Tucker Carlson's attempt at a ratf*ck; Jared Kushner is a racist idiot; Jody Hamilton and David "TRex" Ferguson are here; With music by Rocky Mountain Mike, Neverwoz, and The Bitter Elegance; and more!

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  • katanahamon

    So..the R’s are running a guy that has already been convicted of numerous crimes, like running a scam university, been taped spouting sexual harassment, destroyed our environment, our government, our faith in institutions and all institutions themselves, continued to grift during the presidency, corruption extraordinaire, rigged the USPS and Supreme Court to win an election, has sicced the DOJ on his political enemies, yet ppl will still vote for this guy and the media still criticizes Biden and the Democrats. I’m thinking there’s no hope for America.

    Unless..this is a landslide, the biggest single defeat of any candidate for president in history. Then my faith will be restored that our voting system reports fairly and that America actually does have reasonable ppl in it. This SHOULD be the biggest defeat ever..he’s the worst, worst political candidate ever. Dems can accept the criticism of offering Hillary with her baggage (except she was a truly intelligent and qualified candidate) and the thirty years of R propaganda, but the R’s have lost any credibility whatsoever for hanging in there with this corrupt F’bag. Where’s the media on all this????