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RELM_buttonChicken Boy -- NSFW; Jody Hamilton from the Stephanie Miller Show is here; Cat vomit and tendinitis trouble; The bombshell Trump tax fraud story by the New York Times; Don't Mess With The IRS; Fred Trump and all of Biff's bailouts; Red Hats and the Trump Sideshow; Brett Kavanaugh's FBI report is done; Senators miss the point; Kavanaugh's temperament is disqualifying; The gaslighting is over the top; Eli Lake's stupid take; Young voters and the midterms; and so much more.

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  • Badgerite

    Oh dear God. Susan Collins speech was ridiculous. Mark Joseph Stern rode a piece in Slate Magazine which took her reassurances about the alleged legal moderation of Kava-nope apart piece by piece entitled the Susan Collin’s Bad Faith.,html
    And he gets it exactly right. For someone who allegedly studied up on kavanaugh, she is woefully ignorant about the real import of his decisions. She cites his statements on Stare Decisis as if that means that he couldn’t possibly be the 5th vote to overturn Roe. So, the other 4 ‘conservative’ justices on the Court have never heard of Stare Decisis or what? They seem to think it would not be an impediment to overturning Roe. Is Kavanaugh talking about a different Stare Decisis then they are.

  • Poor kitteh! My cat bites me for looking at her wrong, much less trying to give her an enema.

    I’m the epitome of the bootstrap metaphor. I am the youngest of 6 kids raised by a single mom–she paid the bills but there were times when money was VERY tight. I put myself all the way through grad school with cash I started earning at age 14 with odd jobs, partial academic scholarships, work study, and student loans that I didn’t pay off until I was in my 30’s. And STILL I feel like I was simply lucky to be born a little bit more intelligent than the average person and to be born to a hardworking mother who got lucky enough to get a decent union job. People like Trumpov disgust me. He’s been given EVERY advantage and he just doesn’t get it. He’s wasted billions of dollars and he’s a complete ahole to everyone. Eff him and his entire family.

    The double jeopardy argument regarding taxes is spitting face of States’ Rights. The GOP only pretends to be in favor of them.

    I thought Nate Silver would be accurate too, even if everyone else was wrong. But now I don’t believe ANY surveys. I’m operating on the principle that we are always WAY behind and we should work really hard all the way through the election and beyond.

  • katanahamon

    Yeah..says it all..this is what Rump brings to the presidency..paper stuck to his shoe..

  • Badgerite

    As to Orin Hatch claiming there was no information to corroborate Dr. Ford’s claims that is utter bullshit. The man lied under oath about his drinking and any number of sexual references in his yearbook. Explain to me why you lie about something like that. There is a reason. It supports the characterization of him by Ford as attempting to rape her while drunk with his buddies. There is information that he was/is aggressive and belligerent when drunk and that is consistent with her story as well. Consistent facts that are lied about by the person accused is actually corroboration. As is Debbie Ramirez testimony.

    • katanahamon

      This is classic right wing strategery..attack, victimize, then paint themselves as victims and reattack with faux outrage. It’s all a big act for their base. Unless we attack them with all we have, the actual facts, and get this message out there, we can’t win.

  • katanahamon

    Every day we descend further into the “emperor’s new clothes” world we allow Rump to exist in. The truth is becoming ever more ephemeral. The longer this goes on, the harder it is to deflect. I’m sick over the state of things..

  • Badgerite

    The hypocrisy is really a double standard where the standards in law and “regular order” in legislation depends on your party rather than standards that apply equally to all. It is profoundly subversive. Legally and morally. And it is what the gop is about these days. In order to justify that, they have to vilify the other side. Don’t look for reason in this or equal standards or truth. McConnell knows that Dr. Blasely Ford is telling the truth. He knows it. The whole point is to vilify the other side, the Democrats, as a way to avoid that fact and to avoid blatantly attacking her in public. And when trump does it and gives the Hammerheads the cue to do the same, like McConnell did to engage in racist ridicule of Obama, which he did, the gop will simply do their “We didn’t do that” and “We are very concerned” crap.
    Of course McConnell doesn’t mention Merrick Garland. Neither does Lindsey Graham. It is the absence of standards that they are seeking. One party rule. Standards in law and in “regular order” that allow one side to claim unfairness and victimhood. That requires vilifying the other side and that is what Kavanaugh’s performance was about.
    As was noted in Adam Sewer’s article The Guardrails Have Failed ( The Atlantic magazine), the more partisan and vicious parts of Kavanaugh’s “raw, impassioned, emotional” ‘outburst’ proclaiming himself a “victim of victim of a left-wing conspiracy, and his threat of revenge, were in his PREPARED REMARKS; they were not a spontaneous emotional outburst.
    If Kavanaugh cannot even pretend to make a commitment to non-partisanship without misrepresenting his own actions, his word is absolutely worthless. It is less than worthless. It is a winking performance of insincerity for a conservative audience that is in on the joke.”
    Yeah. That’s about right. He even lied in his Non-Apology Apology.
    The count on law professors who have signed onto the letter of objection to his confirmation is now at 2400. That’s got to be almost half of the the law professors in the country. And counting.
    The ABA has reopened it’s evaluation of Kavanaugh with respect to whether he meets the standards required of judicial temperament. The person who has harmed Kavanaugh’s reputation more than anyone else, is Bret Kavanaugh.
    During times of stress, who you really are comes out. We have seen who he really is and he does not belong on the Court.

    • During times of stress, who you really are comes out. We have seen who he really is and he does not belong on the Court.

      THIS, many times over.