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Bob Cesca
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RELM_buttonInsert Breaking News Here -- NSFW; Buzz Burbank from Buzz Burbank News and Comment is here; Something weird is happening out there; Fox News goes quiet; Drudge deletes his tweets; Rumored indictments from Mueller soon; Roger Stone, Jerome Corsi on the chopping block; Koch Brothers declaring war on Trump; David Frum and the Coalition of Normals; Kyrsten Sinema wins in Arizona; Looking ahead to 2020; Michelle Obama; Rick Scott fails to seize voting machines; Don Junior's propaganda debunked; and so much more.

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  • Don P

    Bob, Green Room Republicans are not, and will never be, your friend. They have no influence outside the television studio, and will turn on you the moment it is convenient. They are only interested in the removal of Trump, and that’s it. In any debate with them now, you will find them to the much further to the right of their 2008 positions. Ask David Frum and Steve Schmitt about cap & trade, the CFPB, and Medicare 4 All — they pucker up real fast. Hearing your interview with Tom Nichols a couple weeks ago when he just dismissed the election theft going on in Georgia and Florida at this very moment — you want to ride with that guy?

  • mnpollio

    They need new blood for presidential consideration in 2020. No Hillary, No Bernie, No Biden. Hillary and Bernie had chances that did not pan out (for whatever the reasons you want to cite). The next presidential election is too dangerous to chance on them. That said, I can understand the reticence towards Pelosi. I am uncertain why she has the reputation for being such a fighter. She and Harry Reid spent the Bush years basically hand-wringing from the sidelines, talking about what the Republicans would “allow” them to have, and starting every other sentence with “I’m afraid we can’t…” while the Bush/Cheney agenda steamrolled over top of them. Going back and watching some of her public appearances during that time is surreal demonstrating how many times Pelosi/Reid folded like a cheap suit. I am seeing some of that coming off of her again. They need a crusader/fighter in there, not a peacemaker who wants to tout bipartisanship above all. The Republicans are not going to give us bipartisanship and have made that abundantly clear over the last 20 years. In a much better time, in a much better atmosphere, Pelosi would be fine. But this is absolutely not that time and Nancy Pelosi is neither the defender or the fighter needed in this war. Let someone new take the helm.

  • katanahamon

    Whitaker seems like he’s in an untenable position..he’s already been revealed as a scumbag under scrutiny, so, it’s kind of hard for him to go on the attack. He will be lucky to escape this appointment before being prosecuted himself. Another unvetted and unscrupulous appointment by Rump..”Only The Best People™️“…
    Yeah..welcome to idiot left..Ocasio-Cortez first, very first action in Washington is to protest in Nancy Pelosi’s office. Not protesting a Republican, or Republican policies, Or Rump, Or any of Rump’s policies, but yes..protesting Democrats. Way to go..way to form those work-accomplishing coalitions, healing divides. Bullshit. No way, no how, not ever. Why is there so much push? The right wing and Russian propaganda are pushing him. No, no, no, no, and…NO. He lost already, he didn’t help, he didn’t heal, he’s too egotistical, he’s too old. No. I’ll pay back every Bernie bro by writing in Hillary Clinton. If Hillary has “too much baggage,” too many issues, then so..does..Bernie.

    Expect Obamacare to become much more popular amongst Republicans when the push for Medicare for all gets stronger. They will want to preserve the private health insurer industry at all costs. We shouldn’t fall into the trap of lowering our expectations. Buzz..we can’t overcome vote total manipulation. We still don’t know what they are, or if they were manipulated. The problem with these judges going “our way” is that Rump and company are appointing more and more hard right judges, so..the future may be bleak when expecting favorable rulings.

    The Florida voting situation makes it self evident we need a national, uniform, verifiable system for voting. No more interpretation, just verification.

    • Badgerite

      I still agree with a lot that Bernie Sanders supports, but you can bet that the gop will go after him as a ‘communist’ and for being close to 80. He would have to have a pretty solid VP pick. And even then….
      But, lets see how the primaries go before ruling anyone out. See where the country stands at that point. See who is running. See how the new political climate shapes up.
      For me, the most important issue from here on out has to be the fundamental right to vote and to have that vote counted. Election security is a part of that fundamental right as well.
      I don’t think Bernie Sanders gets that yet but I will support whoever is the nominee of the Democratic party so long as they don’t ever nominate someone like trump. So far. So good.
      I would also put at the top of the list reaching out, as Bob Cesca suggests, to those true conservatives who have rejected trump and left the gop because of their subservience to him. I think we have more common in terms of our sense of priorities and values than they realize. I think their views on liberal or progressive views were a product of habit and attitudes from the past rather than looking at what the issues are today and for the future.

    • Ziggy Blue

      Ocasio-Cortez protested at Pelosi’s office? Damn. Another petulant child of the far, loony left. I can say this, unequivocally, because I do like her (Ocasio-Cortez). I, also, still like Bernie a lot. The far left has some wonderful ideas, but if they’re not team players and bitch and moan every time they don’t get EXACTLY what they want, I have no time for their childishness. Against fascism, we either unite or hide under our covers. I prefer to unite and FIGHT.

    • Don P

      November 8, 2018:

      Nancy Pelosi wanted to bring back the climate subcommittee all along.

      Hell, maybe AOC was in on it the entire time, in which case, she’s just pulled a political maneuver well beyond her years — but not beyond Nancy Pelosi’s years…..