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Bob Cesca
Written by Bob Cesca

RELM_buttonLock Her Up -- NSFW; Happy Thanksgiving; Kimberley A. Johnson fills in for Buzz today; Raking the forests; Ivanka Trump caught using private email; House Democrats will investigate; Trump and Pakistan; Fox News Twitter update; Trump is too scared to visit troops; Trump's statement on Khashoggi is bonkers; Susan Collins won't defend Mueller; Trump mocks Adam Schiff; Trump insults McRaven; and so much more.

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  • katanahamon

    Of course Rump is an utter coward. He can’t even take rain messing up his hair. Bone spurs..funny, he’s played an awful lot of golf..he certainly told people he was a star athlete..his alleged bone spurs never prevented him from doing anything he wanted to do. I’m just as suspicious of Republican poll workers as Russian influence. We’ve seen video of people interviewed saying how they don’t care if cheating is involved as long as Repubs win. Like I said below, the media continues to normalize Rump, and this Schiff thing shows how they’ve desensitized America to all the bullshit. Dangerous times.

  • katanahamon

    Weird..lost my comment. I like to listen to this on my iPad and surf the news. A pop up appeared so I went to my tools and looked at safari’s info, the website data where you can delete the invasive pop up stuff, when I deleted a Facebook entry, the show stopped playing, and when I came back to this screen, the show had gone back to the beginning and the comment was gone..wonder how Facebook applies to this?

    Anyway..I’ll reconstruct. Cranberry sauce..get a bag of organic ones, orange juice and fresh ginger. Grate fresh ginger, use OJ for the liquid, then simmer with sugar, add some Chinese five spice powder. Best cranberry sauce ever..even good on sandwiches. Spiced cranberry sauce with orange and ginger. Raking wouldn’t help because invasive, non native species just need three months and rain to spring back up, plus, fire stimulates regrowth. But hey, who needs science,….

    Emails? If it’s not Democrat’s, why does it matter? Of course Rump is in the pocket of the Saudis, they probably promised over what they’ve already given him to bail him out in the future. Rump has reduced any “memory hole” to about four hours. The Rump’s relation to the Saudis is yet another area of investigation for the incoming Democratic majority. Thinking about the crap going on, the media is still normalizing the whole situation.

    If you’re into interesting soaps, check out Mirai Clinical..they make a persimmon compound soap that combats “old person” smell. Really. It’s from Japan, is a round, glycerin type soap, no perfume odor, rinses cleanly. Evidently persimmon tannins eliminate the nonenol (sp) compounds we start producing as we get older. I use it as a final soap in the shower, I really like it.

  • mnpollio

    Susan Collins is a useless POS.