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Bob Cesca
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RELM_buttonPlayskool Tear Gas -- NSFW; The great Buzz Burbank from Buzz Burbank News and Comment is here; We have collusion; Manafort met with Assange; Manafort lied to Mueller; Trump could pardon Manafort; Trump knew about Manafort's lying weeks ago; Marcy Wheeler's theory; Kushner inflated the cost of the Saudi arms deal; Papadopoulos reports for jail; Trump fires tear gas at children; Family separation and history; Trump vs Obama and Bush; Thanks to Chris Hayes; and so much more.

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  • katanahamon sounds great. Voices, esp your guest, so very clear. Easy solution..don’t have a Christmas tree. I’m afraid Rump and his evil circle have performed their evil mojo and the public just doesn’t care anymore. I’m hoping they will when the crimes do come out. I still say we need to introduce legislation that a president cannot pardon crimes directly related to him or his associates. Or, impeach and remove now so he can’t pardon anyone. That’s really what should happen. Before I forget, avoiding the big retailers has its may be really bad for our environment. Well, not may be, it is bad. Think of how every single thing is associated with a delivery by truck, sometimes multiple trucks per package and item. Not very efficient. Convenient, but not efficient.

    What’s going on with Whitaker? Any impact to Mueller? I want justice for this..I don’t want people’s tiredness or disinterest, or the misinformation from the right to interfere with getting justice. Yes, the most disappointing thing isn’t even Rump and friends, it’s his support he’s getting, and the re-election of racists. Good title would have been “And The Kaboodle He Rode In On.”

    Great show as always, guys..!

  • As soon as Buzz brought up the “special toilet”, I thought, “Bob will start bragging about how it’s not big enough for him in 3….2….”

    When my former employer semi-forced me to move to AZ about 20 years ago, I was really pissed because the whole darn state is a beach without the ocean. Now I’m thinking if I can hang onto life long enough, I might just get that Ocean after all! This may be the ONLY upside to Climate Change.