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Bob Cesca
Written by Bob Cesca

Ten Pounds Of Fudge -- [Explicit Content] The latest on the election results; Joe Biden is tantalizingly close to victory; What's up with Arizona; Trump's narrow paths to 270; The Red Hats are freaking out; "Donald Trump is alive and well"; The Trump-Russia player who DM'ed Kimberley; Nevada and Fox News; Election observer says Trump is abusing his power; Perdue Ossoff race going to runoff; Moscow Mitch just boosted Dem turnout in the run-off elections for Senate; Drugs for everyone; Mark Levin's Electoral College threat; More USPS f*ckery; Jody Hamilton and David Ferguson are here; With music by Elijah Bone and Seth Adam; and more!

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  • katanahamon

    Breathe a long sigh of relief, and celebrate the moment! Then, I hope every twitter account tweets “One Term LOSER!!” at Rump..!

  • Jody nailed it – this was, in fact, an epic landslide because of all the GOP fuckery, which they accelerated bigly because of what they saw happening in 2017 (here in Virginia) and the 2018 mid-terms.

    There’s a real probability that 700K voters (mostly POC) were purged from the rolls in Florida.
    Plus what Kemp has done in Georgia.
    Plus what Abbot has done in Texas.
    And on and on and on.

    Then he shits on the mail-in & absentee operations, and he has DeJoy fuck up USPS, then jumps on TV to point at the Red Mirage on Tuesday, and call up his CamoShirts to threaten the public – topping it off with the courtroom campaign. That was the plan for “re-electing” a fake POTUS with a fake election.

    We’re in the process of dodging one big fucking bullet. There will be more.

  • katanahamon

    We can’t continue with the propaganda of Fox, the constant barrage of outright lies, the immature name calling, the whole thing. It reduces our country’s intelligence immensely. Now the courts are stacked, including Supreme, the only thing to bring a populace back to reality would be a financial collapse. Death hasn’t done it, I thought Covid would knock some sense into ppl, but, here we are. Protests, fights, even deaths over the indignity of “being forced to wear a mask.” Biden gets in, we are stuck again…sorry I’m negative, but, I don’t see anything other than the landslide that didn’t happen actually helping us.