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Bob Cesca
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RELM_buttonHarris Mint: Not Safe For Work; Jacki Schechner from is here today; New allegations against Al Franken; A different take on Louis CK; Roy Moore and 9th Graders; Trump interrupts speech for an awkward drink; Christopher Steele vouches for most of the dossier as factual; The US Embassy in Moscow guarded by former KGB director; Trump repeals Obama's ban on importation of elephant trophies; and much more. Brought to you by Bubble Genius, Harry's Razors, Blue Apron and The Bowen Law Group. Go shopping until you're dropping using our TARGET LINK, our MACY'S LINK and our eBAY LINK.


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  • Good show!

    BTW, Bob, you said Michelle Bachmann and meant to say Michelle Obama (“they go low, we go high”).

  • Draxiar

    Holy Smoke! When I first saw the picture I thought that Al Franken was Buzz Burbank!

  • Sweeping Generalization Alert:
    Dems talk about these things and try to dig into the individual instances; processing the input, sorting through the information to find knowledge, and then looking to gain some kind of insight from it.

    Repubs tend to deny, dismiss, ignore and attack.

  • Zero Dark Thirsty ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    I can’t believe i’m listening to the absolute conviction of Franken, just because one suspicious woman said so.. Franken came out early and said he doesn’t remember it the way she did.. How come everyone is ignoring that part? Why is there assumption she’s innocent and correct and he’s not?

    As for the pic.. he was posing for the pic.. he was looking at the was a joke! He’s a comedian.. She had on layers of clothes AND on top of them a big thick military vest of some kind… and How do you know she was asleep… Why are you automatically believing her and not even wondering about her motives..

    If she’s so innocent.. and she just out of nowhere mentioned it on her radio show in the morning for all to hear.. how is it that Roger Stone tweeted about it the night before? If you didn’t know that, why is he being convicted on this podcast before you all knew the facts?

    Just wow..

    • Ceoltoir

      According to the man who took the picture, she was in on it. This whole thing is totally contrived.

  • Zero Dark Thirsty ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    WOW I didn’t expect to come here and here Franken being convicted of a crime without the facts being fully known.. just convicting him.. Without knowing the details? It’s ok for a woman to convict him just because another woman accused him of something? Is this really where we are now?

    Al Franken is being setup

    Leeann Tweeden:
    Playboy model, Republican,
    Frequent guest on Sean Hannity

    Leeann in a comment forum, 2004:
    Her moniker in this forum: “Leeann Tweeden is a Republican”

    Whose &shyass would you really like to kick?

    Can I make it a combination? Bill Clinton and Al Gore. I’m a Republican, but Al Gore because he and his wife are idiots, and Clinton because I’m pissed off he’s gotten through unscathed after some of the things he’s done.

    Leeann Tweeden, playboy model, Republican
    Here she is in 2011 on Hannity’s show:

    Gosh, what timing, huh? .. I mean she suddenly remembered an incident that she’s (now) offended by from several years ago, by a famous and beloved Democratic Senator, and innocently aired it over the radio airwaves.. now!

    Couldn’t possibly be a carefully planned out plot, between her and Hannity, to deflect from Roy Moore, huh? .. nah.. not possible!

    Roger Stone was banned from twitter but he had/has several accounts so when he was banned, he was/is still there. Leeann released her info today, right? (early morn Thursday, 11/16/17) Then how did one of Roger Stone’s accounts tweet about it the night before?

    Enter The Stone Zone‏
    QUOTE: Roger Stone says it’s Al Franken’s “time in the barrel”. Franken next in long list of Democrats to be accused of “grabby” behavior.
    10:21 PM – 15 Nov 2017

    Al Franken has been set up by Hannity, Leeann Tweeden and obvious GOP/Fox people

    NOW – One of the biggest leeches on the right, Mike Cernovich is saying another congressman will be outed tomorrow:

  • Ceoltoir

    Al Franken on one hand and a right-wing hate merchant on the other. This whole thing was a fox “news” hit from the start.

  • ProudLiberalAlways

    Let’s face it, Sen. Franken dealt with it like man, unlike everyone, so far, on the right.

  • ProudLiberalAlways

    I think Jacki’s best bet is “talking with Bob about sex. That, at least, sounds completely innocent. Unless you’re (someone) bound and determined to make it sexual—–in which case, you guys are on your own!

  • katanahamon

    Alright, go back, relisten to the show, listen to the constant backpedaling, self reflection/clarifying etc, remember this: As left wingers, we are in a war. War. The right wing does not do this kind of hand wringing-self recriminating discussion..they defend their child molesters with their last breath. OK, now to backpedal, I’m not in any way saying we defend bad behavior, but, Ben Cohen at Banter wrote a column at Banter saying we need to “admit that Bill Clinton IS a rapist.” This plays into what I’m trying lamely to discuss..yes there is right and wrong, we should hold up high standards, but for god’s sake can we not shoot ourselves over this? The right wing is certainly going to try to take down any left wing figures accused of wrongdoing, rightly or wrongly, we don’t need to help them! Bringing up Bill Clinton (whose alleged issues are moldy) while Rump is in the White House only serves to reinforce right wing propaganda, like Alex Jones’ reward for anyone getting a T-shirt with “Bill Clinton is a rapist” on tv, and only serves to distract.The right wing already uses these techniques of “whataboutism” and deflection, obfuscation, misdirection, and outright lying..when in a war, you never help the other side in any way.

    The only coverage I see of the Democratic Party are propagandistic accusations of being “losers,” being irrelevant, Donna Brazile sniping from the edge, Bernie Sanders sniping, media saying that the Dem Party “has no message,” etc etc. Why, why must we fragment ourselves with every faction demanding their pound of flesh? The right, while seemingly fragmented, at least they understand what it takes to takes showing up at the polls and voting your party consistently, and it takes staying on message consistently. I’m sure I’m not explaining my point as well as I’d like, but, that’s the gist. Instead of offering up more Dems to fall on their swords, why not instead demand that the Pussygrabber be impeached for the things they are already condemning us for? Stay on that message…use the energy we would use for self recrimination/punishment and stay on the attack.

    As to the embassy issue, the State dept couldn’t do their job properly because we literally don’t have a functioning, fully staffed government. Plus, the officials Rump has actually appointed are idiots.

  • Badgerite

    Should we be starting to learn Russian? Just curious. How bad is it?

    • Hattie

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