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RELM_buttonSingularity of Madness: Not Safe For Work; Jacki Schechner is here today; Donna Brazile's bombshell about Hillary, Bernie and the DNC; Ordinary political strategy framed as 'rigging'; The White House keeps contradicting Trump; Amazing revelations about the White House's reaction to Russia indictments; The death penalty and terrorists; Jeff Sessions lied about Russia again; and much more. Brought to you by Bubble Genius, Harry's Razors, Blue Apron and The Bowen Law Group. Go shopping until you're dropping using our TARGET LINK and our eBAY LINK.


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  • Badgerite

    Now, of course, when you point to the actual agreement between Clinton and the DNC and the fact that it specified that any control her campaign was to exert was going to be post primary and during the general election only, out come the propaganda trolls to tell you that it was actually a “secret” agreement that Brazile was talking out. Of course, by her own account it was the same agreement that Sanders signed so no, Brazile was not referring to a “secret” agreement but that there would be trolls out there reinforcing the impression Brazile left of some kind of “unethical” behavior is perfectly predictable and to be expected so what the FFFFFFF was Brazile thinking? This is sheer bullshit on her part.
    Frankly, inexcusable bullshit given what this current fascist regime is all about. Jesus. How much more serious do things need to get before the country wakes up and stops this kind of ridiculous idiocy. Hilary Clinton is and always has been a one of the few squeaky clean politicians out there. And the GOOP knows it which is why they are always attacking her.
    We need all hands on deck and Brazile pulls this ridiculous shit to sell an ffffffing book? God Damn it.

  • The result of Brazile’s publicity is to embolden the Bernie Bros and to provide another wedge issue that the Russians can leverage against us. I think it’s a nothingburger but it will do damage and it will distract from Trump scandals. And that’s a problem. OTOH I don’t think Clinton should be re-crowned by the DNC. We need to move on.

    At this point the daily WH Press Conference is just rubbernecking by the MSM. It’s a trainwreck that they can’t look away from. Pretty much what they did with Trump during the election. So it’s pretty clear that the MSM hasn’t learned the lesson–giving powerful liars free air time does damage to the country.

    Completely agree–Trump has been a known quantity for decades. Anyone says they’re ‘oh so surprised’ by what a venal idiot he is are full of shite. And anyone who thinks that Trump will be loyal to them and not throw them under the bus, needs to take a look at how he is now treating Kushner.

    Bob, you’re argument against the “shovel fight” is mirroring what Jon Stewart said on CNN’s now defunct Crossfire years ago. These “pundits” who sit around and argue isn’t news and they’re only making our national dysfunction worse.

  • At about 52:00, when you’re talking about why NYT keeps giving 45* some leeway – yes, it’s about the benefit of the doubt. And it’s called The Presumption Of Regularity.

    We presume POTUS is saying and doing things in the “usual & customary” way the White House does business. It’s a real bitch trying to break a habit that’s been 240 years in the making (not that the Press Poodles shouldn’t try a little harder).

    Another really good show, btw.

  • Democrats conspiring with Democrats to nominate a Democrat? Color me unsurprised.

    2nd – Donna Brazille is good at two things: losing elections, and standing in the wreckage yelling, “We was robbed!” She’s not a liar, and she’s not a bad person – she’s a politician who’s working hard to regain her credibility in order to position herself as a highly-compensated operative for next time.

    She’s said more than once that nothing Hillary did changed any votes blah blah blah.

    OK? Good – now – forget all that shit and understand that there’s no way to see anything that happened in 2016 without a much fuller understanding of Russian meddling, and the manipulation of opinion thru the propadandizing of social media. Manipulation that hasn’t stopped, btw.

    Every time somebody slags Bernie (eg) – in the most vicious terms possible – I can be fairly sure somebody somewhere is pimping a narrative aimed specifically at keeping me away from anybody who might have anything decent to say about Hillary.

    It’s old and stale and clichéd to say it, but this is almost purely and simply Divide-n-Conquer. They do it because it works – and that should be pretty obvious, given the results of last November.

    We gotta work a little harder not to fall for that shit.

  • Badgerite

    I always liked Donna Brazile as well going back to when she worked for Al Gore’s campaign. But I find this particular bullshit about the 2016 campaign not just unmitigated bullshit but reprehensible bullshit. Words have meaning. And the word “money laundering” is a term which refers to criminal activity which is one the aspects of the Russia investigation. Special Counsel Mueller is looking closely at the connections between organized crime and associates of trump and trump businesses and the trump campaign. Money laundering involves the funneling of money gained by criminal activity such as drugs, prostitution, extortion, fraud, etc into ostensibly legitimate businesses so as to hide those activities and those funds from law enforcement and from the public. It is the aiding and abetting of criminal activity. To use the phrase “money laundering” when describing an open and public agreement of the kind that Hilary Clinton signed and Bernie Sanders signed as well with the DNC which specifies the apportionment of campaign funds between the DNC and the presidential candidates is utterly ridiculous and …..sorry to say…..dishonest. It is to throw out the “both sides” trope at a time when we have a Special Counsel under attack by trump and fox, running an investigation that is crucial to the rule of law in this country. As Phreet Bharara mentioned in his podcast the other day, Mueller is so widely admired that when his term as Director of the FBI was expiring and by law he had to step down the Congress passed a law specifically to exempt Robert Mueller from that law so that he could continue to serve in that position. His character and his service was considered that exemplary. This was done by Senate Bill s.1103 entitled A Bill to Extend the Term of the Incumbent Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. (Mueller)
    This is who the trump campaign and fixed ‘news’ is currently attacking as somehow corrupt. For Donna Brazile to throw the term money laundering around without regard to how that will affect or support those attacks on Mueller is ….how shall we say…….not good. And not admirable.

  • katanahamon

    Seems like it’s Brazile’s efforts to not only sell books, but distract from the accusation she gave up debate questions. Whatever the real reasons, this will only serve to bring out the trolls and foment discord. No good will come from it. Clinton is still being subjected to the double standard set just for her..while the Pussygrabber goes merrily along. Rump’s incompetence and duplicity have reached stratospheric levels, and we seem to be accepting the lies now instead of the media rising to the challenge and going after him and his White House staff. Thanks Jacki, for mentioning Reid’s interview..that was a good moment. I agree that we shouldn’t be giving air time to the other side when it’s obvious all they have is propaganda. Truth and facts must be reestablished. Why media aren’t raising more flags about Rump only going on Fox and their propagandistic role is a mystery to me.