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Bob Cesca
Written by Bob Cesca

RELM_buttonRabbit Season Duck Season -- NSFW; The great David 'TRex' Ferguson is here; Michael Cohen sentenced to three years in prison; Colbert told a familiar joke last night; Former Apprentice staffer confirms Trump horrors; Newt Gingrich and the Chief of Staff gig; Hannity deleted his tweets; National Enquirer cooperating with SDNY; New York AG pursuing Trump Org; Trump on Fox News today; Axl Rose, Phil Collins, and Vince Neil; and so much more.

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  • katanahamon

    Anyone else think that this Obamacare attack is meant as a distraction and smokescreen? I’ve read several opinions that this won’t stand up eventually. Unless Something Bad happens along the way. I honestly think that would be the last straw…Rump likes to say there would be a revolt if he’s impeached, but, can you imagine if they eliminate healthcare for more than twenty million people?

  • I would play with a Charlie in Box! Of course, I was a weird kid. Good show!

  • katanahamon

    Did you guys see this? Truly..despicable…

    “CRIME 12/14/2018 12:43 pm ET
    Sandy Hook Elementary Evacuated For Bomb Threat On Shooting Anniversary
    Classes were dismissed for the day, and police conducted a search of the school.
    By Sebastian Murdock“

    • We covered this on the After Party.

      • katanahamon

        If my disability hearing goes well, you’ll be the first and likely only recipient of some of my disposable income. After I pay off my new tv..first one in twenty plus years! Going from the first Sony flat screen to a 65 inch Sony OLED was quite a shock! Before I get complaints about applying for disability and actually having a I said..first new tv I’ve bought in twenty plus years, and if you had disabling neck pain and took morphine and other stuff, you’d want a new tv too!

  • katanahamon

    “All Tchaikovsky”..Umm…he was a troubled dude, man, don’t you know his story? Listen to his sixth symphony, the happy there..or, little.

  • katanahamon’s time to test indictment of a shi..sitting president. That’s just an opinion..and yes, there are opposing opinions. People send jokes to tv comics all the time, so, no telling how Colbert got it..he’s also great, his team too, so, could be spontaneous generation of a joke. I saw Elton John in the seventies in Houston when he had briefly broken up the band, it was just him and his percussionist manager, Ray Cooper, it was..phenomenal. Elton is one of the most remarkable musicians to have ever lived. He’s retiring too. Look up those vids where he makes up songs on the spot, they are hilarious and scary in his genius.
    Also look up the oven manual song…whoops, it’s actually on the second clip..bonus!

    Now we aren’t satisfied detaining migrants, we are waiting for them to die of dehydration in custody..Yeah..a seven year old. Just..tragic. Unless Fox “pulls up” from their dive they will go down with Rump when he’s finally convicted. His crimes will finally, one day,be revealed as the yes, crimes that they are, and allll the defense of him they do we will have to use against Fox to bring them down. Rump must go to must, must happen!

  • The DoJ policy saying we shouldn’t indict a sitting POTUS was meant to provide a little buffer between the presidency and the fuckery of overly ambitious political operatives who just want to disrupt an administration’s agenda with some piddling traffic court bullshit.
    But, it wasn’t intended to go so far as to shield anybody from being subject to the rule of law. If the evidence requires it, even POTUS will be indicted.

    Another good show, Bob – and David too. Keep doin’ that.