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Bob Cesca
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RELM_buttonTwas The Night Before Impeachment -- NSFW; The great Buzz Burbank from Buzz Burbank News and Comment is here; Buzz's dramatic reading of Twas The Night Before Impeachment; Mike Flynn sentencing doesn't quite go as planned; Trump shuts down his Foundation slush fund; Giuliani confesses to collusion; Former Enquirer staffer admits further Trump coverups; The 17 known Trump investigations; Federal judge strikes down the ACA; Roger Stone selling Roger Stones; and so much more.

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  • I think the Judge was correct to ream Flynn a new one about Treason. No one in the whole cabal has been properly and publicly taken to task for betraying our country. I want to see more of this, not less. Furthermore, ignorance is never an excuse in regards the law and Flynn was in no way ignorant. That’s another thing the Judge pointed out that I really appreciated.

    Can we have the bit about the “Twas the Night before Impeachment” as a soundbite for Christmas, pretty please? Loved it!!!!

    Trump is weakened and truly worried about impeachment. He’s been doing things out of desperation to improve his poll numbers like the Criminal Justice reform bill yesterday, banning bump stocks and backing off on the Wall. He’s either been told or somehow knows that if his poll numbers keep dropping then impeachment becomes more and more of a reality.

  • katanahamon

    I’ve already seen one article this morning about how Bernie is the only candidate that is progressive. They’ll use all the same tricks again…and people like Bernie will drag us through the mud again. The problem with social media now is that entities like Russia already have a system set up to take advantage. And no..we can’t just flip a switch and turn them off. Mostly because about half of our country wants to use their help. We will either prosecute all these wrongdoers including Rump and family, or get used to a new, more corrupt US. Yes Buzz..Walking Dead really got way too ugly..I did the same thing and lost interest. I still think Buffy is one of the very best things on TV ever..great writing, casting, acting, photography, lighting, acting, stunts..and Buffy and family and friends evolved, they matured, they changed. The Body, where Buff’s mom died, the musical episode, the mostly silent episode..all great.

    I’d like to complain again about our healthcare system. We really need national healthcare and control of prescription drug costs. It’s outrageous that medicines are jacked up by thousands of percent. There are robberbarons living like emperors while every person who needs meds suffers. Penny Marshall, by the way, died from complications due to diabetes.

    It’s easy to think that there is systemic badness happening, but, it’s more likely just a random confluence of stupid actions. Every one of these actors is greedy, self interested, and stupid in their own right.

    Have a good holiday, everyone. There’s a website called Just One Bite Please, he has wonderful recipes, especially the Detroit Style Pizza..I’ve made it many times, it’s terrific for home ovens as it doesn’t require overly high temperatures. Plus, the rising schedule makes the lightest and crispiest fluffy crust I’ve ever seen..enjoy.

  • Best “Night Before Xmas” since Mad Magazine (#52) 1960.

    Merry Christmas, everybody.

    • And a very Happy Holidays to you! 😉