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Bob Cesca
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RELM_buttonCaptain Obvious -- NSFW; The great Jody Hamilton from the Stephanie Miller Show is here; Last free show of 2018; Walter Health Scare; Blocking Fox News on your parents' TV; Trump pulling out of Syria for the wrong reasons; Matt Whitaker isn't recusing himself; Nobody Knows Campaign Finance like Trump; Mueller gets Roger Stones House Intelligence transcript; It's a good day for the Steele Dossier; South Carolina rigging the primaries for Trump; The Go Fund Me for Trump's Wall; and so much more.

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  • KanaW

    I’ve just realised something:

    Donald Trump knows a person whose name is Nobody. “Nobody knows” everything, so Donald Trump doesn’t have to…

  • Poor, poor Walter!!!!! I follow him on Instagram too. He’s going to be okay though.

    They don’t need to show the interview with Trumpov saying he knows more about campaign finance than anyone else! Ignorance is no excuse in court. It literally will have no bearing whatsoever. It might affect public opinion of all the idiots who follow him but but legally, nada.

  • Glad to see somebody’s worse at arithmetic than I am.
    The GoFundMe effort to fund the wall is up to about $5M now, and if the target is $5 billion, then that makes the percentage 0.1% not 1%. So if they raise an average of $1.3M per day, they’ll get to $5B some time in 2029, and they can look forward to getting the full $25B about 38 years after that.

  • dell amitri

    Not to pick nits but 5 million is .5 % of the 1 Billion goal.

  • Badgerite

    To the left wing idiots who somehow equate this with an anti colonialist move, oh dear lord. This is not an occupying force we are talking about here. This is about 2000 troops providing high tech logistics and support, ( see air cover) to our Kurdish allies who have been doing the fighting on the ground against ISIS in Syria to keep them out of Iraq and try to finish off ISIS strongholds that may remain in Syria. In February of 2018, the Kremlin tried to take these American support forces out by having Russian mercenaries attack them directly.
    Putin tried to drive these US troops providing logistics and air cover to the Kurdish fighters out by a full on attack. That is….
    by trying to kill them, you understand.
    The Russian mercenary force got creamed. Something like 300 killed. They retreated.
    trump has been trying to accomplish this for Putin ever since. And now he has. At the expense of our allies who will be slaughtered.
    Don’t tell me how this is all about ‘colonialism’. It isn’t. It is about treason.

  • Badgerite

    I begin to believe trump thinks he may be forced to resign. There is no other way to explain this recent stupidity of his.
    He is afraid of his base both domestic and foreign. What he is doing has nothing at all to do with the true interests of the country or its security.
    He is trying to satisfy his base in the Kremlin because they have him by the short hairs. I suspect Erdogen isn’t the only one with recordings to hawk. Putin never had any “dirt” on Hillary Clinton because there just isn’t any. But he sure does have it on trump.
    And domestically he needs the red hats to offer something to the gop electorally. Without that, what use is he to them.

  • katanahamon

    Did I miss it on another show, did you mention the very nice award Carol Burnett recently received? It’s way past time for Rump to be humiliatingly drummed out of the White House in handcuffs. It’s past time that Rump’s interference every day which causes massive fluctuations in the stock market and world stability should be stopped, again, by his removal from the office. Yeah, he’s dumb, he’s incompetent, but, now his actions are on us because we are allowing it. I’m glad Rump and the RNC are merging..his guilt becomes their guilt. They can own all of it. I still can’t see Rump winning another election when he’s so clearly guilty in 17+ investigations…

    • Ah dammit. I meant to congratulate Jody yesterday and it totally slipped my addled mind.

      • katanahamon

        Goddammit Bob! It’s not like there’s anything important going on in the world for you to freak out about, lay awake in a sweat at night about, or wonder if you have enough leftover prescription meds to “do the job” if things get bad enough! Besides, that horrible child Jody is to blame for not bringing up her mom’s accolades! What a rotten kid! Lol..happy holidays..!