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Bob Cesca
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RELM_buttonTariff Man -- NSFW; The great Buzz Burbank from Buzz Burbank News and Comment is here; We're expecting Mike Flynn news; Oh Magoo; Trump is Scott Free by day, Tariff Man by night; Trump 'looks forward' to Bush funeral; Mueller wrapping up loose ends; Trump committed high crimes on Twitter; Jerry Nadler says Trump is compromised; Republicans try to seize power in Wisconsin and Michigan; How the Russians may have rigged Florida; and so much more.

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  • I had this vision of Melania leading Laura Bush through those horrid red trees saying in her weird, halting accent and her stiff ass smile….”We hat childrrreeen trrrrucked een frrrom locull orphaneege cut down de trees und afterrrvard cohlorred dem wiv der blud. Arren’t dey lovely!?”

    • Ziggy Blue

      Vision? That was no vision, that was real. Now, how did you sneak into the White House and hear all of that?

  • Don P

    Bob, you kind of missed it on the Jim thing — Jim is all purpose!. “Jim” is the Trump tell for when he is making a guy up out of whole cloth. During the 2016 campaign, Jim was the name of the Chicago cop who could “Clean up the city in 2 weeks if they would just take the gloves off”. Jim, then showed up in California as a rancher whose farm was being strangled by some kind of mix if the EPA, FDA and Jerry Brown (take your pick).

    Jim is usually the man on the ground who “Knows what is REALLY going on” that Trump magically always seems to find when he visits some place. You know, because Trump is so hard working and folksy like that. A Blue Collar Billionaire, as it were.

    Got to give Jim credit though, he gets around, like John Miller, John Barron and David Dennison

    • Michael B Conway

      Jim is Scott Free’s brother

    • Badgerite

      Wow. “Jim” sounds a bit like Joe, The Plumber from the McCain campaign. Remember him?
      I wonder what he is up to these days?

  • katanahamon

    Can someone explain to me the people saying we need “Superman Jesus” to defeat Rump in 2020? Do people really think he’s going to finish his term, or not get indicted for his numerous, numerous crimes? Or that his lies and behavior wouldn’t be easy to defeat? (Oh yeah…it already happened once, guess it could happen again…) Winning the presidency was the worst thing to happen to him, and us, because sooner or later his crimes and eventual shady dealings were going to be revealed. We have to send these crooks to jail..everything depends on this. (I figured out I enjoy the show because we think alike..I thought the same thing when I heard “Tariff Man.” Lamest superhero ever. Reminds me of the Dexter episode where he says virtually the same thing about the new nanny putting the statue of the saint above his son’s crib.) Hey, Yeah..where’s the “Dark Avenger” when we really need him? Or, Bay Harbor Butcher..I’d settle for that too..

    Isn’t Rump over 5000 documented lies now? Isn’t the public in the least bit concerned about that? I’m sick of seeing this fraud every single day..he’s a worthless human being who blew the family fortune then ripped off the taxpayers getting bailed out numerous times and committed crime after crime to maintain his disgusting, lecherous lifestyle. Now he’s embarrassing America with his every lie, illegal tweet and appearance.

    • Tony Lavely

      “Isn’t the public in the least bit concerned about that?”
      I give you the latest results from Wisconsin and Georgia to argue, not in the least.
      Hoping for different won’t do it.